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Richard Gabriel
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Default Conscious

Question: Can consciousness ever evolve, when it is already everything it is?

Time to dig deeper...
I would make the distinction between the viewing point that sees and acknowledges the perfect state of “One” and any viewing point that sees from a position which exists within its own conditioning as a ‘component’ of “One.”

From scientists as far back in our time such as Alain Aspect who showed that even Einstein did not get it right every time. I refer to his experiments proving that separated particles have instantaneous recognition for the properties of each other. In other words, space/time as we know it does not apply beyond quantum.

If this is so, and by my own understanding, an interconnection exists between all things, and is capable of instant communication limited only by our conditioned perception.
It is as it is, despite what we think!

If we want to grasp an idea of its nature we have to step into a viewing point far from physical matter. Physical matter is simply a condensation or amalgamation of substance, operating together in a zillion combinations of harmony or discord to produce all we tangibly know in our physical world.

Matter through and beyond quantum is also filled with condensations and amalgamations of substance, but its nature is far more refined, and if we are to understand how the record of our own memory; or infact how all things are recorded in this medium, we have to be much more exact in our description of its nature.We must not loose sight of the fact also that other valid realities (higher environments of tangible life,) exist within these higher levels.

Scientists perceive and accept the fact of a seemingly ‘vacant’ medium making or taking up almost the total percentage of the space between the identified parts of an atom… and thereby also almost the total space of all we see as solid dense physical material.

Scientists call this dark matter. They know it has cohesion. They know it displays properties of motivation. They know it belongs to an understanding beyond quantum, and our closest clue to its nature is in how light (photons) function.

Scientists would describe a photon as a particle of light, just as they would describe the components of an atom with other particle names, down the smallest particle quarks and gluons. The operative word through them all is “particle.” This implies something akin to pieces of grit whizzing around in gravitational bond together! I am not suggesting ‘actual’ pieces of microscopic grit, but the principle is fair.

I submit that we create our own barrier to the fundamental understanding of matter at quantum believing that motion must be borne at these levels by a ‘particle’ focus of energy. In order to break away from this way of thinking there must be a paradigm shift in our approach. The best I can do to qualify my point is to use a couple of crude analogies using descriptions in our physical world.

The following comparison may suffice: Most people will have experienced swimming in a larger body of water, such as at the swimming baths or in the sea. How many of you can recall standing in the water and feeling for a moment or longer, the comfort or otherwise, when there is a sudden change in the temperature of the water. I am describing when a pocket of warmer of colder water passes through. The skin registers the change instantly even though the difference may be tiny, but we still notice it. The warmer pocket of water is ‘of’ the nature of the main body of water, but the pocket has maintained cohesion of its own. The pocket will be a warmer area where the atomic movement in the atoms in it is more excited. We don’t perceive it as a solid lump striking us. It is just that an area of water has a slightly different excitation, and passes by, carried by the motivational circulations in the larger body of water.

So it is at atomic levels to quantum and beyond. All those atomic components are zones of cohesion like the pocket of warmer water. Their motivation is determined by their harmonic interaction or discord with neighbouring zones of cohesion. When a specific grouping of these zones harmonise together they produce an atom; (a chord of harmonic resonance.)

Within the so called dark matter, the same cohesions exist at infinitely finer levels of refinement to produce the environments of reality where our released Presence may live.
Dark matter exists as ‘potential’ and permeates ‘everything.’
The ‘Probability’ for everything exists in Virtuality; arising from our projected motivation. (Unseen forces of magnetism around a bar magnet are ‘virtual’ photons. They do not posses enough motivation for us to record them as Actualised photons, but have sufficient energy to display the magnetic properties we know.)

In the process of creation, the substance of dark matter is Actualised to produce photonic impetus through geometry that appears as if a Torus swollen to a sphere with an internal spiral rotation. At its core, the condensation is sufficient to produce matter, a bit like reverse gravitation.

It is possible from this; a most brief overview, to appreciate that everything existing in any reality; or anything that exists even in potential, is recorded in vibrational movement. In the swimming scenario, it would be possible to trace back and find the source of the warmer pocket of water, and in human terms where the sources of our refinements are recorded in the extended vibrational field of our Presence, it is likewise possible to trace back and examine the source of those effects within ourselves and our past interactions.

While we occupy a physical body, the instrument of our waking consciousness is the physical brain with all its biological/chemical processes. The synaptic chemistry of the brain may utilise photonic pathways, but they are as a transistor radio and listening ear are to music. The actual memory being drawn upon is recorded within the myriad of vibrational frequencies that complete our Presence.

Where we may say that consciousness cannot ‘evolve’ because it is everything that ever can be; we may be more defined to say:

All things exist by a Law of One. This is the Strategy of all things.
Water is water is water. But it may also be ice, or steam, or vapour; or it may adopt a zillion forms of movement and clarity. But eventually it will always be water.
We may adopt a viewing point to realise this in its entirety, and understand the idea of a non existent boundary, (infinity) ..or we may adopt a viewing point that is limited to any boundary, such as ice within water, or as consciousness within mankind.

The Law of One however is what represents infinity, flux, or potential.
The hand of God (so to say,) is that point, or those points within the Tactical interaction of all things that conspire in harmony or discord to produce ‘grand’ cyclical effects such as the one we are approaching now. Our consciousness is limited indeed by our capacity to understand this, and to understand that when we can reach completely beyond ourselves, we can achieve the capacity to join within the Law of One to a connection once again with all things where the potential is as it ever has been and ever will be.

With Judith

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