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Default What about all these machines that run on gas, and not alternative energies?

I am totally for alternative technologies. I even got a few ideas in regards George Greens spinning magnets. The point here is; what are we going to run the gasoline machines we have now on till these technologies come online? Well, this man has the answers we need to get us to true energy independence.


It's what we used before gasolline pushed it's way into our economy.
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Sometimes you have to take a couple of steps back to make a big leap forward....Plus this is something the common folk can do until this new tech reaches them. Most people in poor areas don't have the finances or the education to obtain this technology. If the Globalist get involved it will cost money and probably be taxed. I think energy should be FREE because there's an infinite amount of it and it's a way to brake free of these evil people. I don't see profit or cost in the world of the future your needs are taken care of at no extra charge unless you chose to aid in this sphere.

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