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Default Cities, Mining Operations, a Space Port On the Moon?

Just bumping one of John's old threads from AMKON.

An enlarged photo taken by Apollo 8 (AS8-12-2209) clearly shows in the area to the northeast of Joliet-Curie and just south of the crater Lomonosov a large city with buildings, streets, lights and vegetation and a curious ‘space port’ type structure with a bridge.

An nearside photo taken by Lunar Orbiter 1 shows a large area of mining operations in and around craters with roads, turnarounds, suspended lengths of pipes, vehicles, sediment or dust ‘sprays’, a ‘control tower’ type building and other constructs.

A building 40 miles in length and 12 miles tall was photographed by Zond 3 in 1963. An arch with an approximate diameter of 10 miles is on the right on the ‘contruct’ and three vertical cylindrical tanks, each of a different size sit on a ‘bench’ to the left.

A strange object dubbed the ‘mechanical dinosaur’ is located southeast on the crater Lomonosov.

On the southeastern shore of Mare Crisium on the Agarum Promontory rises a ‘contruct’ miles high:

A photo of King Crater on the farside shows large structures carefully disguised with airbrushing and cliffs with hanging vegetation.
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