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Default Earth Being Converted Into Another Yonada.

Earth Being Converted
Into Another Yonada
By Ted Twietmeyer

There is a video of a black Harlem minister delivering a Sunday rant. In it, he reiterated frequently throughout a 10 minute tirade, "The black man don't understand the world!"

When a black minister ridicules own people, it's merely a sermon and considered acceptable. Even his security guard and his entourage sit there throught he rant, completely unfazed by his words. But when a caucasion even mentions any concepts of this nature even remotely like this, whether they are a minister or not, this is outright considered as racism. Why is that? Is there really a reason one is racism and one is not? When was the last time you heard of a black person ridiculing a white person, and it being called racist? It's virtually unheard of. The word "racism" is from the root word race. So what's the difference as to what race is involved?

But it isn't just any one race that doesn't understand the world, it's all of them. How can it be possible that a planet with 8 billion souls riding through space could be so naÔve?

There was a Star Trek episode written by Roddenberry back in the 1960's which many readers might recall. It was a small world named Yonada built inside a 10,000 year old asteroid ship by an advanced dying race, which was complete run by a computer known as "The Oracle." It was pre-programmed on a flight path to take their descendants born in space to a new world. Generation after generation lived and died in the asteroid, never knowing they were inside it.

Surface of Yonada built by the Fabrini (Star Trek episode, "For the World Is Hollow And I have Touched the Sky") At least their planet was headed somewhere - Earth is flying in a circle!

But there was a rule all people on Yonada must live by. To violate it was considered blasphemy. The law stated it was forbidden to climb a hill and touch the sky. Those that touched the sky quickly learned about the lie, and were dragged in front of the Oracle for judgment.

In some ways, Roddenberry's script was a great analogy to our era today. Yet he didn't have the internet or any other form of network to help him in his word. Not even dial-up bulletin boards to get ideas from, which pre-dated the internet by several years.

Does any of this ring a bell with life today? Don't look behind the 9/11 curtain, the stock market curtain or the world economic curtain. For if you do so with a sincere desire to learn and understand, you will quickly learn that all is not what it appears to be. Don't touch the sky.

In our world today, most of the 8 billion souls have no idea what happened to their lives, what's still happening to them today or even why. We take for granted our knowledge of who, what, why and where. Yet this knowledge remains unknown to the vast majority of the 8 billion people, whether or not they have television. In fact, television lies just make it worse for them. For the average person in the world today, they are little different than the cattle lined up single file marching into a slaughter house. The cattle don't know the stun gun waits ahead of themuntil it's too late.

You can pack your bags for a guilt trip on just about everything you can think of in life today. Whether it's your vehicle's gasoline consumption, your home leaking heat into the environment, your very existence generating CO2 as though it's a mortal sin to be alive, your carbon footprint, using incandescent light bulbs, having too many children, not having enough children, consuming too much water, wearing clothes made of polyester that won't deteriorate in a landfill. The list is almost endless. In the end, it's not about any of these things but about big business making money...at your expense. It always has been, and always will be. There is one milligram of toxic liquid mercury in every florescent light bulb. Try to imagine a lamp factory churning out thousands of these lamps EVERY DAY. Now image thousands of grams of liquid mercury. Do we ever hear anyone complain about that? Or where the mercury from spent light bulbs will go in the environment? That's because there isn't a profit to be made from that.

Freon 12 was suddenly converted from a harmless, non-toxic refrigerant into an ozone layer killer that every schoolchild knows about today. In reality it was really about patents expiring more than anything, and Dupont DeNemours just happened to have a replacement refrigerant ready when it all happened. Amazing. And yet in the end, even the NEW refrigerant can damage the ozone layer too. Again we see it was just about making more money * billions of dollars of it.

And what of that proverbial little boy who cried wolf? He has finally lost his voice. He has been drowned out by the drums of war (defense industry profits) and the loud noises of crashing economies (profits made by bank vultures.)

So where do the lies, deceptions and BS leave us? The bottom line is that we're all on this Earth ship together, flying through the vacuum of space at 29.8Km/sec. That's many times faster than any missile or bullet! We're all in this together, and it's time everyone understood it. That's a mind-boggling 107,280 kilometers/ hour! 29.8Km x 60sec. x 60min. That's about 67,000 miles/hour.

There are those inside our world power structure who are trying to accelerate the conversion of Earth into another Yonada, with zero tolerance for everything. But instead of being dragged in front of an Oracle for judgment of an infraction of the law, justice will be swift and doled out right on the street. Tasers are one the tools used for this, with even nastier weapons in the works right now. In places like the UK, the officer on the street hands out not just a citation or order to appear, but pronounces the fine too.

It seems that totalitarians never understand the bigger picture and what THEIR future is. The more you squeeze any country's citizens, the more they revolt and fight back. It follows an ever-downward spiral. Finally the day comes when the people take control and exterminate those that fostered the tyranny. Plasters are brought in to patch, sand and paint over the bullet holes in the palace, and life begins anew. This happened countless times in Earth's history. Countries that this hasn't happened in yet, may soon see it for the first time. People will only take so much **** from their governments.

There are many facts about life that all of us learn over the years, often the hard way after some 12 years of doing the unpaid school-student job. One of the key principles of life that the majority of people never learn? The more **** you take in life, the more you'll be given to take. And there is no end to it.

It is up to those of us to enlighten others. We have looked behind the various curtains and have seen what lurks there controlling our lives. Helping others understand can be a tougher job than being a missionary. This conversion-job description isn't all that different than being a resistance fighter during the last world war. The biggest difference is that you don't need to carry a weapon, other than the weapon of knowledge. You will have to fight a lifetime of brainwashing and indoctrination which is extremely effective. But in the end you will receive satisfaction and move the world one more step away from tyranny.

Tell everyone you know to reach up and touch the sky, and learn the truth that tyranny is hollow.

Ted Twietmeyer
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Default Re: Earth Being Converted Into Another Yonada.

I don't know who Ted Twietmeyer is, but good article!
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