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Quiet during inauguration, (they were warned to stop) but as soon as media is diverted from the so-called new president (legal/illegal???) it will all go off again. 26th January (leeway 5 days each side normal)...??? Check back in Urban Survival archives, and those who are fortunate to see HalfPastHuman predictives - check this hiatus out.
I am suspiscious of the firing of rockets from the Lebanon - er - 'who' fired them? Was this a MOSSAD/CIA op to start more nasties? Why are the aid missions from Iran being stopped? Why - in this ceasefire time - are the Israeli gunboats still firing into Gaza? AND WHY is this not being reported mainstream?

I found that the Rense.com image of the Ukraine starvation atypical of what is happening today, repetitive strikes by certain groups throughout history and the world to empower banksters by crashing economies, fomenting wars - all in the name of control and profit - GREED. Wake up everyone - lobby your MP's, senators et al - tell them we know what's going on - I have. There are 3 House of Commons letters here now in reply to my pleas for Gaza and the truth. I won't stop - ever - until those evildoers are brought to justice and fairness in democracy is REAL.

As outlined a couple of weeks back, the predictive linguistics are flashing all over the place for a test for Obama coming around January 26th (and it will last quite a while). Because at the 'front end' of it there's the temporal marker of ship grounding, or whatever the equivalent down at the archetype level would be, I keep scanning the headlines looking for the 'feeder/marker' event. About all that's popping so fars today is a heating oil barge running aground in Boston and a couple of cargo ships running aground in Greece due to high seas.

There is one other shipping item that has caught our eye - and maybe this will blow up into something: "Egypt keeping Iran aid ship from Gaza." In the next escalation (which may pop over the weekend) we'll be watching as Iran is planning to send a couple of airplanes with 'medical help' for Gaza as soon as they get Egypt's permission. With that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution calls a 'fragile peace' it's possible that Obama's 'test' (next week) will be a Gaza spin-off and not the closure of the Strait of Hormuz.

All of that would make sense, since one of our axioms around here is that when we start trying to forecast too much details (rather than just laying out the linguistic shifts) "If George can imagine it, it won't happen that way..." kicks in.

All that aside, the broader picture of events (we'll wait for the 'test' of Obama for a week, or so) the news out of Europe is likely to weigh on this morning's trading. "European markets fall as UK plunges into recession says one headline, but this has been obvious as hell for months - ever since October if you've been following events.
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