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Question Making chemtrails???

I was walking along my road the other day looking at chentrails when I spotted a plane flying along a black line in the sky and leaving a chemtrail behind

I took pics with my phone and was surprised to see the line shows.
Can anyone explain this??
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Default Re: Making chemtrails???

Hi Swanny
Planes on regular routes follow the same 'paths' - hence some previous residue on a clear day.
I watch the 'landing patterns' near my home, and it's like a little polluted major roadway in some quiet weather conditions.
That's how I know the unrealistic 'sprayed' stuff - which usually is done in the early hours of the morning - above the usual flying traffic to the airport near me. The airport is NEVER busy at night - in fact - it only accepts delayed flights late, and early flights leave at around 6.00am.
The sneaky chemtrails 'happen' when normalcy is in bobies....
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