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Default American Grand Jury

This thread is an off-shoot of "Obama...Treason....Tribunal.....Tennessee....Today !"

There is a website called American Grand Jury. It is stated on the site that it is an action organization with a top priority of removing Barack Obama from office. But I can see that the site could be used for any criminal Grand Jury process related to government corruption.

This website seems to be saying that citizens can take back their government by organizing at the grassroots level to form a Grand Jury. I have never heard of such a thing. I am intrigued by the idea and that's why I've started this thread.

Thoughts anyone?
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Default Re: American Grand Jury

This page of the website is informative:

Grand Jury Presentments and Serving

What is a Grand Jury?

A Grand Jury when convened is responsible for reviewing evidence, naming a defendant and handing down presentments. A Grand Jury can only hear criminal charges. A Grand Jury is NOT a trial jury. Grand Juries can only hand down presentments, they cannot hand down a verdict like a judicial trial jury can.

What are presentments?

Presentments are the actual charges handed down by a Grand Jury against the defendant. The presentments are reduced to writing so they may be served with a court or other party. The term "presentments" comes from the United States Constitution under Amendment 5 of the Bill of Rights.

What do you do with presentments once handed down?

You serve a court with the presentments. The court turns the presentments into a formal indictment and sets the criminal case over for trial. The court prosecutes the defendant named in the presentments or indictment.

Can presentments be served to others?

YES. The court may be the final destination but presentments can be served on such parties as a sheriff, magistrate, police chief, mayor, judge, prosecutor, district attorney, legislator or others. Will these other parties be able to prosecute the case? NO. Only a court or court appointed prosecutor can prosecute the case. So why serve others? Other parties such as a sheriff, police chief or District Attorney have enormous powers when it comes to "asking" the court to prosecute criminals through the court system.

What does "serving" the presentments mean?

People often confuse "filing" with "serving." American Grand Jury presentments are not a lawsuit, complaint or other such legal documents. Presentments are served or delivered to a court, sheriff, District Attorney, etc. We DO NOT file anything. We deliver or serve presentments.

The job of the court is to accept the presentments and act upon them. This is a very key issue. By Constitutional law a court MUST accept the presentments. Will they always comply? NO. The courts like to think they are responsible only to their own rules, procedures or state laws. If the court operates under the Supreme law of the land, the Constitution, they can and should accept Constitutional Grand Jury presentments.

How to get started serving presentments?

# First decide WHO you want to serve
# You can serve more that one party if you wish
# Research the address(es) for each party you want to serve
# Print and complete "presentments" for serving each party
# Physically deliver the presentments or mail them to each party

What is it like serving presentments?

Any responsible person can serve American Grand Jury presentments. It is not difficult to serve presentments but does require a certain personality that is willing to experience a little discomfort when marching into a clerk's office to serve that court. I won't lie to you. Sometimes it is a piece of cake. Other times you run into court clerks that are ignorant, trying to run interference or just plain breaking the law should they refuse a service.

Two best methods for serving presentments?

# Serve the documents in person
# Mail documents by certified, return receipt

When you personally serve documents you actually hand-deliver the presentments to the party. You are like a "process-server" with no pay. [smile]

If you live close to a court or sheriff and don't need to spend much in gas, personally serving documents can be exciting.

If time and expense are a problem then you should go to the Post Office and mail the presentments by Certified, Return receipt. Mailing by Certified is not expensive, only about $7 to $8 per mailing.

I am ready to serve presentments. How do I get the documents from American Grand Jury?

We have streamlined the process of getting an American Grand Jury "presentments" package. You can simply download the most current presentments in .PDF format, print them from your computer and you are ready to go. The download includes all instructions on how to complete the documents for serving.

We have (3) command centers within the United States to help you if you have problems or need additional information. Contact information is included in the instructions.

This page and all printed material is Copyright 2009 by AmericanGrandJury.org. All rights reserved.
You may LINK to this page but you may not reprint it without permission. Thank you!
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Default Re: American Grand Jury

After a most unpleasant email exchange with the founder of this organization, I will not be pursuing using this avenue to restore the republic...

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