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Default Re: Former Kansas Hwy Patrol Officer claims US Plan Direct Action against American pu

Originally Posted by pyrangello View Post
One more thing, China has it's own problems and challanges, Mexico, they have bigger problems and challanges as most countries do right now. I think all of us worldwide should have a big bonfire, roast some hot dogs and discuss solutions with positive energy. We are better than this as a people.
Pyrangello, don't think like that. You don't know how easy can one forget his problem if is about to make a bad thing to another.

At least, by attacking the US, their soldiers will be told that they are doing a patriotic duty, IMHO recup the money the US wouldn't want to release for the chinese exports, for mexican would be very easy to find other motivators as is a long friction between US and Mexico, I'm sure.

But even in worst scenarios, they literately have no way to win against the American people. Whatever military technology, hyper weapons, whatever military traing personal. You do not know the poewer of people when there is nothing to loose. I know because I felt that and really that is noting between you and your enemy. After the initial shock and first casualties from the population, simple people will fight like dare devils, they will learn all the trick, will learn how to trick themselves the military. Believe me, the military, even bring external combat and elite troops, they have no chance, NADA, zippo against population. Not the weapons or the logistic will give the outcome of the war, but the spirit of the warrior and their determination.

You will fight for your family and dears, but they are fighting just because of duty and by pressure. When their effectives will become to shrink, do to asymmetric warfare, they will have lower and lower morale. They will think for what are they standing for? For empowering a bunch of elitist that don't give anything on them?

But for that they will shoot in the public, make arests and all the bad stuff, YES THEY WILL DO. Either because of fear, either because of pressure or because of incentive. Their family, they are promised, will be safe! So at the beggining of the madness they will shoot in the populace as they are now brainwashed and under substance influence.

But believe me, in the end, they will not have a chance! Even using chemical or bio weapons or small yield nuclear device, no chance if the people are united and help each other. But will pass sometime until people will learn to be united as now all are for themselves as mind conditioned by the TPTB. But after a few months of fights and harshness, there is a bond between people, beyond any difficulties.


This is my view over the problem.

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Default Re: Former Kansas Hwy Patrol Officer claims US Plan Direct Action against American pu

Originally Posted by Christo888 View Post
Well, actually its quite easy to quill a civilization after their brainwashed into thinking that fighting back against their fellow man is the answer in order to preserve their civil rights which were stripped away a long time ago. The cards for the poker game are stacked already.

A new game with a brand new kind of cards changes the dynamic... there is no computer simulation for that therefore ALL the controllers are helpless. But that is another story.
If it was that simple no other plans would be in place.
There is more good in sheople then meets the eye.
Even though air is more polluted, chemtrails, co2 ;-), food is more like lab experiments, electromagnetic smog, cell towers and phones
and still they have to add more and more, take away vitamins and herbs
you know why??
I think people are terribly, for ptw, addaptive and strong, therefore I say psychowarfare is not going to work, or at least desirable effect will be smaller.

There are higher forces ar work here, cosmic and no human can stop it.
Mayan six night, clifs secret's reveled is happening before our eyes (climatgate, even tiger woods, and probably we gonna have more comming).

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Default Re: Former Kansas Hwy Patrol Officer claims US Plan Direct Action against American pu

I believe that more people are awake and aware of everything; and YES, when push comes to shove...everyday people will do what it takes to defend themselves and families/friends etc. Not only do I believe it, I feel it.

Some people have to have a JOLT to knock some sense into them. SHOULD anything (Martial Law, etc) be declared===I would NOT be surprised that those people will wake up and ADMIT (i.e. accept) what is going on/has been building up to! Then the PTB are doomed! Plan and all!
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Default Re: Former Kansas Hwy Patrol Officer claims US Plan Direct Action against American pu

Another thing marshal law is pretty much the same thing as maritime law
you're screwed either way, while in court

freeman-on-the-land is growing to,
check rob menard

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Default Re: Former Kansas Hwy Patrol Officer claims US Plan Direct Action against American pu

I sense that one of the things we'll learn as we evolve spiritually will also be our powers of defense on a higher level as well...instead of reverting back to our aggressive nature maybe it's time to ask how to protect ourselves with the power of the mind. For instance constantly visualizing yourself in safe place when the time comes...ie: to be guided to right action thru creating our own powers of invisibility, developing the power to move objects with the mind or telekinesis and other abilities that are innate within all of us as a means of protection vs guns, ammo and violence.

After all, we're allegedly moving into an area of the galaxy where those abilities will be more pronounced, so doesn't it make sense to start thinking in those terms?
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air raids, greg everson, nesara, us forces

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