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Default Farrakhan shares UFO experience and Chile quake is a precursor

Hello All,

Minister Louis Farrakhan seems to be aware, if you will. I'm not much of a fan of his separatists ideas and focus, but he has often made unpopular statements throughout his ministry. This would include the engineering of AIDS, Wars and the video someone posted here on Avalon of him telling his listeners not to take the vaccine? That there was basically some evil plans being perpetrated? hmmm...

Here's the story.

Farrakhan cites earthquake, warns America; "You will not escape"
Chicago Tribune
March 1, 2010
Manya Brachear

Calling this weekend's earthquake in Chile a divine precursor to his planned speech, controversial Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan predicted on Sunday that America will face its own imminent disaster and must prepare.
Delivering a message titled "The Time and What Must Be Done," Farrakhan addressed thousands at Chicago's United Center as part of an annual celebration of Saviours' Day, marking the birth of W. Fard Muhammad, who founded the faith 80 years ago.

"It's not an accident that a great earthquake took place in Chile," Farrakhan, 76, said an hour into his three-hour address. "It was a precipitate of what I have to tell you today of what's coming to America. You will not escape."
......Please click below for the rest

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Default Re: Farrakhan shares UFO experience and Chile quake is a precursor

Very interesting and it certainly makes me perk up my ears

I know Im probally not suppose to but I do admire this man.

Its just that he makes some very good points, just like Rev Wright did.

Just makes me wonder. He has said many things that struck home with me

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