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  1. It really is kicking off in Israel and Palestine...

    Dozens dead as Israel and Hamas escalate aerial bombardments:(

    Hostilities between Israel and Hamas escalated on Tuesday, raising the death toll in two days to 32 Palestinians and three people in...
  2. Man walks out of pharmacies with vax vials, overnights them to diagnostics labs.. Results soon!

    Would be great to keep track on the outcome of this...


  3. 2010 Australian X-Factor winner Altiyan Childs exposes satanic freemasonry (Video)

    This is a long video, but doing the rounds.

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    Top lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: ‘Pandemic is crime, we have the evidence!’

    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a well known trial laywer, who has won major lawsuits against big fraudulent corporations, like...
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    Is this true Agape...

    ‘You're not being told the truth about India. There is currently a genocide taking place. People are being forced to take the vaccine against their will and unvaccinated...
  6. Crush at Israeli religious festival kills 44

    At least 44 people were crushed to death at an over-crowded religious bonfire festival in Israel on Friday, medics said, in what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described as a "heavy disaster".
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    India’s “Covid Crisis” has been hijacked – The Mainstream Media are lying to you..

    Do you remember the scenes broadcast on the mainstream news channels, and plastered across the front pages at...
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    Why is the second wave in India much worse than other countries? What really is going on?

    This is all over the news in U.K. are They priming us for another lockdown with Other variants ...
  9. Re: Chaos in the Suez Canal (Ever Given container ship, March 2021)

    I'm curious what they're source is for this story, they sure didn't bother to list one.[/QUOTE]

    You think it's a cock and bull story?[/QUOTE]


  10. Prince Philip dead: Duke of Edinburgh dies aged 99

    Prince Philip dead: Duke of Edinburgh dies aged 99 at Windsor Castle

    The Queen is mourning the loss of her "strength and stay" the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, who has died aged 99 at...
  11. Re: Chaos in the Suez Canal (Ever Given container ship, March 2021)

    Well it’s always in our face isn’t it..they’ve got to tell us carefully what do you see!

  12. Re: Chaos in the Suez Canal (Ever Given container ship, March 2021)

    Everything points to an OPEC conspiracy to shut down the vital Suez Canal oil shipping lane in order to justify raising gasoline prices. (Video)
  13. Chaos in the Suez Canal (Ever Given container ship, March 2021)

    Not sure where this is leading to, rumours abound with all sorts...

    Suez Canal: Chaos as 100 vessels pile up after being blocked by large cargo ship turning sideways

    A large shipping...
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    Top Reasons Not to be Afraid of Covid

    Short video here...

    We were so inspired by these courageous Canadians doctors who have spoken out, that it compelled us to write out a...
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    Re: Avoiding the Experimental Vaccine

    If you don’t mind me asking ...Why have you taken both shots then.?

  16. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry bombshell interview

    Queen urged to ‘publicly apologise’ to Meghan amid Royal Family backlash

    US CELEBRITIES have rallied around Meghan Markle ahead of her interview...
  17. Re: MASSIVE FRAUD: Major Lawsuits (update: all foiled so far)

    Text in link below... I sit back and am totally gobsmacked by what the democrats got away with, and so blatant, yet it seems to be swept under the carpet. Where is this planet going?

    Lin Wood :...
  18. Re: USA Inc. Bankrupt Docs! Are we now witnessing history?

    This seems to be doing the rounds....

    Larry Johnson
    Coincidence: The US federal reserve payment system crashed, banks couldn’t transfer money. 9,000+ banks were effected by the...
  19. Tiger Woods in serious condition with leg injuries

    Tiger Woods is in surgery after suffering "multiple leg injuries" in a car crash in Los Angeles, California.

    The LA County Sheriff's Department said that it "responded to a single-vehicle...
  20. Re: MASSIVE FRAUD: Major Lawsuits (update: all foiled so far)

    What is still outstanding?[/QUOTE]

    God knows...

    We’ll have to wait and see...perhaps some more empty words with no bite...we could say we’ve heard it all before...’yawn’

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