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  1. Re: NDE's (Near Death Experiences) described by Avalon Members

    Wow, thats a rough experience, but a powerful tale to tell.

    So, was it the loving relatives that told you that you have a choice whether to stay with them or return to your body? Or was there...
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    Re: The Ten Stages of Genocide 2021 Update

    Great 10 steps to totalitarian poster.

    "Why 'good' people enable totalitarians". I would say normal people, not good people. Which is why he had to put good in quotes of course. Normal is...
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    Re: Being ready when it gets to our door.

    yea, I guess they do have the burden of the offensive. Need to change us, socially engineer us, get us to comply and get enough people to push their agenda for them.

    Demonstrations are us on the...
  4. Re: When will the mainstream admit Biden is not fit to be in office?

    Yes, showing us their power of choosing whoever and perhaps to make a mockery of the US to help with dethroning it. Also, we are all mirrors. So, doesn't having a buffoon as president, mirror into...
  5. Re: Mass Extermination of Useless Eaters: Shade Exposes the Plan

    This thread started in 2012 and AriG making predictions of the Cabal finishing plans by 2025. Just 3.5 years or so remaining. lol That 9 years sure went fast since i never seen this thread before...
  6. Re: Can our Soul detach from our Physical body? - Gigi Young

    First you have to define what the soul is. People just cant stop the illusion of thinking we can go anywhere.

    The difference between a body walking around inside the merkaba torus and an energy...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    Globalist elite planning an attack? haha funny. does she mean they did not have a plan to start with. Every move has been planned for decades. The reason they are meeting is because things did not go...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    Can someone please explain how the ruling families are using Black Rock and Vanguard to dominate and control. Cuz my friends will say those are just financial companies that the wonderful founder...
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    Re: Penny Kelly; We Are Turning The Corner

    Penny's explanation of the colonization process is quite good and seems about right.

    I noticed 2 problems. First is that she said the colonizers encourage us to looks for some outward saviors...
  10. Re: How Mirrors Could Power the Planet... and Prevent Wars!

    Sure. But i dont think sacrificing a few 100 sq miles of desert land is even a blip in negativity compared to the positives. Scorpion lives matter! lol
  11. Thread: a Chauffe!

    by Merkaba360

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    Lol. He didn't think anything. He was ordered to implement this by the globalists to beta-test/test market the vaccine passport in france. Perhaps, they figured if they could get it to work in...
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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    What scares me is how the masses are programmed to accept so much collateral damage. Why on earth would anyone assume a cure MUST come with huge risks of a very long list of "side effects" (actually...
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    Re: Free Speech Restricts Our Freedoms

    It seems to me that they realized that they can't stop the awakening movement. This must be the reason they let the Fox news and such do what it does. Basically, trying to toss in all of the...
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    Re: George Knapp & "The Summoners"

    Although I understand that Oz makes some good points, John also has some good points.

    Oz is assuming that no earth people have consciousness beyond these petty astral entities. If your...
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    Re: The Lost Jesus Scroll!!

    Very nice. I will try to read these when I have time. But, for now, my question is about the myth. Jesus's name and story are all quite mythological (Christos = the light = the son = the...
  16. Sticky: Re: Enlightenment - A direct, succinct account of what occurs...

    " Rumi does provide a clue, The Self is the I that is left once all illusory attachments/identifications have been given up, the brain/mind/thoughts/ clothes/body etc. That I, unlike the thinking...
  17. Sticky: Re: Enlightenment - A direct, succinct account of what occurs...

    I'm only partway thru this interesting thread. Sorry, this is hard for me to organize, i have so many thoughts about this. So beware, if its thinking outloud kind of rambling.

    On page 5,...
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    Re: Do you think there is a hell dimension....

    You can see the Cosmic Serpent on Salvia. Everything is a moving fractal that looks much like a snake when it moves. Since it creates and destroys, some represent it as a dragon that burns things...
  19. Re: New Nuremberg Trials 2021 Going To Be Huge! this guy fights huge evil corporations, but is not even able to file cases and work his way up through the court heirarchy for this one, with 1000 backing lawyers and 10,000 scientists? ...
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    Re: Predictions for 2021

    I havent watched the video yet. But Lyn remote viewed the changes starting in 2020 way back in the 90s. Has he done additional sessions more recently, since the stars are always changing? I would...
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