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    Re: Links to good downloadable books ?
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    Re: Which program to download YouTube videos?

    Since ages a very happy user of
    (a python script)
  3. Re: Pizzagate: pedophilia in American elite (with links to related threads)

    What is James Alefantis (of pizza parlor Comet Ping Pong) doing on a family photo of the Rothschilds?

  4. Re: John Kerry Antarctica Visit and the Wikileaks Antarctica Images

    Please read this comment as well:
  5. Re: Breathtaking pictures from Wikileaks John Podesta Emails

    The email trove of Podesta, published at Wikileaks ( (together with the emails from the State Dept & the hacked emails of the DNC) not only reveal how corrupt and...
  6. Wikileaks Podesta emails: Edgar Mitchell trying to Skype with Podesta/Clintons to push for Disclosure
  7. Mirage Men conclusively linked to UFO summer of '47

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    Atomic bombs don't exist and intercontinental missiles desintegrate upon re-entry from orbit

    Please read the following interview with Anders Björkman who makes a compelling case that nukes are scientifically unfeasible:
  9. Re: Admiral Piri Reis ....The 500 Year Old Map that Shatters the Official History of the Human Race

    If you want to know why most scientists don't think the Piri Reis map is accurately depicting Antartica, please take note of the following article by Prof. Steven Dutch of the University of Wisonsin....
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    Re: The Oera Linda manuscript

    Frisland as referenced in the above link provided by "meat suit' is a phantom island Frisland that occurs on some old maps, as described on wikipedia here:
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    The Oera Linda manuscript

    I stumbled upon an intriguing story on red ice creations the other day which should not be exempt from the wonderfull repository of Project Avalon:
    It is about the Oera Linda manuscript. A very old...
  12. Propaganda, dis-info, psy-ops and pranksters

    As a reminder to ourselves how dificult it is to extract and distinguish truth from the very polluted information space, I present you here several links for your consideration.
    Taken into account...
  13. Re: geneticist Eugene McCarthy: Is a human a hybrid species of chimpanzee and pig?

    For the sake of completeness:

    a link to excellent comment of Carmody on this subject:...
  14. Re: Strange cover of latest "The Economist" magazine "The World in 2015"

    Glad that this has now its own thread here. The cover is also discussed at reddit,, godlike productions and at the original site, A lot of interesting comments, but...
  15. "Credible people have seen incredible things..."

    Here an interesting talk for you given by Richard Thieme on DefCon 21 in Las Vegas in august 2013, on a book he has co-written: "The Government and UFOs: A Historical Analysis".

    by Richard Thieme...
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    Poll: Re: Chemtrails: Fact, Or New Age Myth?

    A lot of so-called chemtrails are probably contrails - Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball:
  17. Re: The real Jesus, the real Mary, Gnosis, the Archons, and the world's first major smear campaign

    - Will Ferrell
  18. Re: geneticist Eugene McCarthy: Is a human a hybrid species of chimpanzee and pig?

    Here is an interesting follow-up on the original article, with discussions:

    The commenter with the name 'Koolakamba'...
  19. geneticist Eugene McCarthy: Is a human a hybrid species of chimpanzee and pig?

    The article is written by a scientist that is specialized on hybridization between species, and makes a compelling case that the human organism is...
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    An update of yesterday by Jon Negroni, the guy who spent last year a lot of time on this:

    This is really fascinating. There is another idea...
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