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    Re: Kazakhstan Anomaly - flash freezing animals

    Well I’ve just noticed through the news pages that they’ve recorded some extremely low temperatures in the far North - Siberia, less than -50 C.
    These freezing air waves are typically connected to...
  2. Re: Could a 'vaccinated' person potentially pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated household member?

    I can imagine how stressful it may feel nowadays in the families and communities concerned but look at it from any other perspective than “Covid 19 jab”.

    Yes we do share some of our microbiome and...
  3. Re: Proxima Centauri b ETs rescue Julian Assange, teleport Donald Trump into Belmarsh prison!

    Looks like they’ve answered to you Denis, it’s operation under way 🌈🙏

    Considering that you’ve posted this thread in February 2020 and the Parkes radio telescope in Australia working under auspices...
  4. Re: Discussion on the reliability of alternative media sources and personas

    You’re quite correct in your observations there and disregard people who agree to read or watch “whatever” for so called entertainment sake.

    Some of us are quite disinclined to give a cent to...
  5. Re: Massive 2021 CIA UFO Files Download - Fade to Black with John Greenewald TheBlackVault

    The following conversation with Prof Avi Loeb, astrophysicist at Harvard University about the discovery of Oumuamua in Oct 2017, its unique physical properties and some of the many reasons why...
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    Re: '73 Pascagoula UFO case

    I’ve happened upon this almost historical now documentary of the famous Pascagoula UFO incident , dating back to October 1973.

    Short but very...
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    Poll: Re: Simon Parkes - Genuine Or Bogus?

    The problem is not they would be predicting major breakdown, they are actually plotting it :) Works like Rolling Stones. No one is doing “it” in particular but people keep singing to the choir.
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    Poll: Re: Simon Parkes - Genuine Or Bogus?

    ETs come and go. They are able to cross over the frail dimensional threshold for very small slip of time, even though it can facilitate information download and exchange in”metadata” and influence...
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    Re: Significant UAP Paper Published by Israeli Uni

    Thank you for the excellent report , hats off to you 🙏

    Explains the situation from succinct military perspective some of us ( like me) get on with in vague terms usually but whatever you’ve said...
  10. Re: "Avatar": a methodology for creating and discreating things

    The awkward side to the power of manifestation is this:

    It’s only pure with utterly self-less motivations which usually means, benefitting anyone else than yourself or your closest friends.
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    Re: Bledsoe Family & "Tyler D"

    Great that Ryan also quoted the fundamental truth of Universal perspective, no matter how little it’s being understood by conspiracy theorists,
    no truly advanced intelligence from outer space is...
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    Re: Bledsoe Family & "Tyler D"

    Loved listening to the interview with Ryan, thanks for posting 🌟

    It’s a fresh breeze; quite honest and intelligent, well informed beyond his age. Obviously the kid “does not have an agenda” so he...
  13. Re: 29 Experts Give Their Views On Alien UFO Disclosure Video

    Comes down to the very same archaic reasons of geopolitical character of why ET Contact - Disclosure can not actually happen in the state of planetary conflict and war.

    Logically, advanced space...
  14. Re: Covid-19 bill started a 180 day countdown for UFO disclosure....

    One more but essential comment from me: as an entity representing a group of entities and peaceful civilisation ways different from current state of human affairs here,
    I would definitely prefer not...
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    Re: The 'Great Reset'

    The problem I see here is following, we need to be able to do resets. I know that we don’t have much experience with good resets as civilisation in endless process of rebirthing, in the short span of...
  16. Re: Covid-19 bill started a 180 day countdown for UFO disclosure....

    I tend to agree with Denise/Dizi : this being small but very important step ahead.

    Do I believe they would “confess everything”? Tongue in cheek, probably not.

    It gets to the confrontational...
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    Re: Michael Salla Get Out NOW!

    But I do think of both individuals above as victims of the situation rather than perpetrators.

    The situation or call it “the game” has been run and controlled from behind and above by people on...
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    Re: "A Big Dis-Connect"

    I think it’s a bit of everything you’ve named above and you’re absolutely right, there’s disconnect.
    Not surprising to me if it makes you even little angry.

    To those of us who are “experiences”...
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    Re: "Your truth" v "the truth"

    One truth about life and consciousness that needs to be acknowledged beyond the cube thinking of scholars,

    they’re both a flow more than a model, they’re river displaying reflections of many...
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    Re: "Your truth" v "the truth"

    Only remember that the weight of the doubt rests upon the questioner and right to the top leading philosophers of past, presence and probably even future fell under the burden of their doubt,
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