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  1. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    Hello folks, I came across Pi Network a month ago, after reading and doing my basic homework to check the facts straight (you know lots of scam out there), I am still in doubt if it is legit, perhaps...
  2. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    Many communities failed for various reason, ownership is one of the reasons, when money and ideals get in the way, people change, I know one case where the title deed was in the name of 1 person and...
  3. Re: 7000 Mysterious 'Band of Holes' in the Peruvian Mountains

    what about those ancient battery, like the "Baghdad Batteries" check this out -->>
    Could be some sort of energy grid, who knows..
  4. Re: Technologies for Human Mind and DNA Control

    They are not humans anymore, they lost it long ago, they turned into evil by choice. As You said it is evil!
  5. Re: Overview Alternative Social Media & Video Platforms 2021 (suggestions welcome!)

    Nice list thanks, I used for a while, it is a decentralised social network, I used the Patchwork in my laptops and Manyverse on Android, but since my mobile use is very...
  6. Re: 7000 Mysterious 'Band of Holes' in the Peruvian Mountains

    Very interesting, it could be some sort of storage, like the "plain of jars" located in Laos, the locals believe it was used to store booze for the big festivals that were held yearly, but who knows...
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    Re: Satanic Bloodline practices

    What is that supposed to mean? anti-Christ who? I am not a Christian and to be frank I have no religion, would that classify me as an follower or something of the anti-christ?

    Sorry to say I...
  8. Re: Recommended videos to introduce UFO/ET/disclosure?

    I found out this little list in my old stuffs today, I have no source link for it except the piece of info in the bottom of the post, I am sharing as it is, it is not a video, but names for reference...
  9. Re: What is the strangest website on the internet? is one of those ones, but they are off now, if you want to know how it looks like, please check the web archives here >

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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    I've wondered if the great divide between Humans A and Humans B was inherited or spiritual. Humans A seem immune to brainwashing whereas Bs in the same family are fully brainwashed. So I think it's...
  11. Re: What is the strangest website on the internet?

    from his website:
    "I was born in San Francisco in 1971. Since my parents were already talking about a divorce, right after my birth I was sent to Taiwan where my grand parents raised me up. I am...
  12. Re: Should we be concerned about the welfare of Bigfoot?

    regarding the title only "Should we be concerned about the welfare of Bigfoot?"
    I guess the ones who should be concerned is the ones hunting the big foots, they all will probably have a terrible...
  13. Re: Fascinating Interview From an ex-Sorcerer - Erica Mukisa

    Thanks for posting that.

    “I witnessed that witchcraft exists” – Bamboo.

    " ‘Karibu Home’ is unexpectedly a gospel song. Bamboo delved into the Christian faith after apparently struggling with...
  14. Re: It's Beginning To Happen Everywhere .. David Icke

    Thanks John, great contribution, inspiring man, thanks.
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    VAERS is unreliable, it is corrupted!
  16. Re: Why you cannot convince your friends of the truth and what to do about it

    I agree and we have to fight for our rights, but we are in no position to decide for someones rights (free will), and it is not that we can't, but in order to succeed the counter part must cooperate...
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    Re: Weird news stories

    "Kim Jong Un Calls K-Pop A "Vicious Cancer": Prescribes 15-Years Hard Labor If Caught With It"
  18. Re: If you went back in time, what gadget would you miss the most?

    I would miss my 12 years old ThinkPad laptop.
  19. Re: Math has a "Fatal Flaw" (Godel's Incompleteness Theorem)

    The Zero Theorem Trailer:

    Terry Gilliam on His Epic New Dystopian Film The Zero Theorem

    The writer of Doctor Parnassus reimagines the future in The Zero Theorem.

    The Zero...
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    Re: No One is Going to Save Us from the Agenda

    Would that be better instead of moving in between cities and/or countries, just go live in some less crowded area? I mean, there is small villages, farms, ranches, etc.. rent/buy something and start...
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