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  1. Re: UAP Disclosure comments and opinions

    Good follow up interview here from 1980 - not much more to add to the story above but he mentions the subsequent interview and attitude of Major Kehoe.
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    Re: Idiocracy

    Watch Idiocracy and WALL-E back to back - sums up where one of the major timelines is heading !
    Hopefully not the one or one of the ones that I seem to lurch between !
  3. Re: UAP Disclosure comments and opinions

    With all the possible agendas discussed on both sides of the coin as to what the "current" uap/navy encounters have been all about, one "predictable" event that would seem to be beneficial to all...
  4. Re: UAP is heating up to some kind of 'disclosure'

    Just to put it here for the record - SETI's take so far.

    By Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer.
  5. Re: UAP Disclosure comments and opinions

    Get's my upvote.
  6. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    Gets my vote !
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    Pearl Harbor military base on lockdown over ‘potential security threat’

    The US military base at Pearl Harbor was placed on lockdown Tuesday for “a potential security threat,” according to...
  8. Re: UAP is heating up to some kind of 'disclosure'

    I Found this line worth pointing out from the Time article.

    "if the objects really are extraterrestrial in origin or—perhaps worse—advanced military technology"

    "Perhaps worse" ! Sounds like...
  9. Re: Dark Journalist/ The Mellon family / Chris Mellon and the false ET agenda

    Daniel Sheehan - Lawyer
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    Re: Logan Paul... aliens coming in June?

    Sounds like a GLP'er - bet he'd be a flat earther to if it was in vogue.
  11. Re: UAP Disclosure comments and opinions

    My sighting in 2008 - the object having moved slowly, horizontally past my location, rotated on an axis and ascended at speed. This would have put it roughly where local megalithic stones called the...
  12. Re: UAP is heating up to some kind of 'disclosure'

    aoibhghaire - are you still able to access that model if you were given 2 dates and locations 100's miles apart ? Does it take in to consideration earths rotational direction and an almost stationary...
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    Re: UFO News - The Latest Drops

    "I fear, many will be disappointed. I personally believe it will result in no less than one branch of the military "openly admitting" to another,(to appease the masses) that what they saw was nothing...
  14. Re: UAP is heating up to some kind of 'disclosure'

    "Their flight patterns seem more like an animal than a craft piloted by a human."

    But still there is evidence that "our" people knew in advance where to be. Days sometimes in advance
  15. Re: UAP Disclosure comments and opinions

    Thx aoibhghaire.
    So you could say we might be going into a more "Metaphysical" "Sword and Saucer y" :) way of being, (Sword and UAP ery).[/QUOTE]

    The possibilities of mixing elements and alloys...
  16. Re: Ancient Artifacts That Are Still Shrouded in Controversy Today

    'An incredible discovery': Prehistoric animal carvings found in Scotland for first time.

    Prehistoric carvings of animals have been discovered in Scotland for the first time.

    Thought to be up to...
  17. Re: UAP Disclosure comments and opinions

    Meanwhile back in Blighty ..

    No Real story - just an excuse to use the word "Alien" and a mugshot on the front page.
  18. Re: UAP is heating up to some kind of 'disclosure'

    Good clip above.
    One thing I noticed was at 3.15 into it, he starts making the analogy to Pear Harbour and 911 and ends saying that the information chain of command was broken in the those cases...
  19. Re: UAP is heating up to some kind of 'disclosure'

    I Concur !
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    Re: Why do UFOs crash?

    All of the above.
    Plus everything makes mistakes. Theres plenty of testimony to say they (or some) are here to help fix their own genetics that they made mistakes with.
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