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    Re: Does Anybody Else Have Clear Body Experiences?

    It is spelled Fan Kuang Tzu, Sons of Reflected Light. It is no reference to martial arts. It means the tall whites, the sons of a higher race, a more advanced race, in metallic craft/air ships,...
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    Re: How many languages do you speak?

    Learning a second language before puberty increases grade point average in succeeding schooling and provides a higher earned income average after schooling. When puberty arrives the brain switches to...
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    Re: Does Anybody Else Have Clear Body Experiences?

    "This is interesting.

    Quote I believe it is Sanmat or Sikh Yoga.
    Not sure what this is, Guru Nanak was dead set opposed to yoga."

    Yes. Guru Nanak was opposed to some forms of yoga and would...
  4. Re: Recent Pfizer Covid19 vaccine data - an applied failure

  5. Re: Recent Pfizer Covid19 vaccine data - an applied failure

    Thank You, Aoibhghaire. This is the clarification of the science and the deceitful means by which the enslavement agenda is being pushed forward.

    If anyone out in PAvalon would transcribe the...
  6. Re: Recent Pfizer Covid19 vaccine data - an applied failure

    Yes, Ernie. That is called "shedding".
    I have thought of the same thing when the vaccines were first being talked about in context with this current variant, and especially knowing that the current...
  7. Re: We Don't know the whole story ... what has happened ... and what can we do ...

    The never ending story......
    The only one that lives is Now.....
    The eternal One.....
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    Re: Evidence of "Hopium" PsyOps

    Brilliant, DeDukshyn!
    That puts it into a clearer perspective, like someone creating and selling those all as drugs. So true.

    I've never really bought into any of the stray subjects on PA, at...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Congrats, Gord!
    That's something to be very proud of.
    Once smoking is stopped, even after many years, it is amazing how health improves exponentially, new years gained in longevity and health from...
  10. Re: Most People Can't See Clearly Because They Have the World's Lies Covering Their Eyes

    All of the info is a maze to go thru, in order to find the verifiable facts. Even though it is the craziest now with so much information being sold or shared, it is also a good time to refine...
  11. Poll: Re: How Many People Here WILL Have the Vaccine and are Comfortable Doing So?

    "We are falling into their energy instead of just ignoring them and claiming our sovereignty.

    We continue to give the Elite all the energy they need with our resistance and yet if we were to just...
  12. Poll: Re: How Many People Here WILL Have the Vaccine and are Comfortable Doing So?


    I had a long conversation recently with another friend in the film industry, who has been going thru all of the plandemic mess for the last 4 months. No masks at first, then this mask, that...
  13. Re: Mysterious Metal Monoliths - appearing and disappearing everywhere

    I look at the cheap piece of sculpture
    in the desert mountain landscape
    and I see it as an artist's comment
    on the public not seeing the beauty all around them.

    As an art major at...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Good News:
    New Mexico Citizens CHEER after Governor Backs Down on Holiday Lockdown Rules:


    Thanks for the sarcastic post Exo. I laughed at...
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    Do any of the astrological prognostications take into account the magnetic cycles of the sun, cycles like we are in now when the magnetic field of the earth is weakening and the...
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    Sticky: Re: A list of websites for good alternative information

    How many of those websites are now being bought up and run by the intel companies without exposing the purchases? Their funds seem endless, considering that many are taxpayer fed.
    And Yes, the use...
  17. Re: US-UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media

    Exomatrix. THANK YOU for all of your works and sharing your insights here.

    In the 2nd section, the sarcastic "Eight reasons to vaccinate your child" I'd note that #3. needs a little updating.......
  18. Thread: Covid Caution

    by Hym

    Re: Covid Caution

    Wondering. The DOD, the Dept. of Defense, here in the states completed a study from 2017-2018, released to the public in 2020, on the differences between those service members who took the annual flu...
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    Re: Is JFK Jr Still Alive?

    What is 1-0-7, Juan O' Savin, if anything?
    Silly Wabbits, always make mysteries where there are none.
    I even just wrote about one, or did I?
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    Re: Is "alternative thought" now in the balance?

    Yes, Satori. If I may say so, for me also. It is so valuable to have folks here complete our thoughts, add to them and crystalize the intent. Thank You.

    The inward journey has many different...
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