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  1. Re: What is the strangest website on the internet?

    from his website:
    "I was born in San Francisco in 1971. Since my parents were already talking about a divorce, right after my birth I was sent to Taiwan where my grand parents raised me up. I am...
  2. Re: Should we be concerned about the welfare of Bigfoot?

    regarding the title only "Should we be concerned about the welfare of Bigfoot?"
    I guess the ones who should be concerned is the ones hunting the big foots, they all will probably have a terrible...
  3. Re: Fascinating Interview From an ex-Sorcerer - Erica Mukisa

    Thanks for posting that.

    “I witnessed that witchcraft exists” – Bamboo.

    " ‘Karibu Home’ is unexpectedly a gospel song. Bamboo delved into the Christian faith after apparently struggling with...
  4. Re: It's Beginning To Happen Everywhere .. David Icke

    Thanks John, great contribution, inspiring man, thanks.
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    VAERS is unreliable, it is corrupted!
  6. Re: Why you cannot convince your friends of the truth and what to do about it

    I agree and we have to fight for our rights, but we are in no position to decide for someones rights (free will), and it is not that we can't, but in order to succeed the counter part must cooperate...
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    Re: Weird news stories

    "Kim Jong Un Calls K-Pop A "Vicious Cancer": Prescribes 15-Years Hard Labor If Caught With It"
  8. Re: If you went back in time, what gadget would you miss the most?

    I would miss my 12 years old ThinkPad laptop.
  9. Re: Math has a "Fatal Flaw" (Godel's Incompleteness Theorem)

    The Zero Theorem Trailer:

    Terry Gilliam on His Epic New Dystopian Film The Zero Theorem

    The writer of Doctor Parnassus reimagines the future in The Zero Theorem.

    The Zero...
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    Re: No One is Going to Save Us from the Agenda

    Would that be better instead of moving in between cities and/or countries, just go live in some less crowded area? I mean, there is small villages, farms, ranches, etc.. rent/buy something and start...
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    Re: Osteoporosis induced by anorexia - help

    I know someone that recovered from that, she used to be a model and worked for those disgraceful fashion shows, besides her I also heard creepy stories of model not eating for days and abusing drugs...
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    Re: No One is Going to Save Us from the Agenda

    Once said a Japanese Yakusa member: "there is no freedom on earth, even in the upper echelons there is no freedom".
    I do not need to say that I disagree with him, but in parts he was right because...
  13. Re: Extending the Human Lifespan Beyond 100 Years

    Is it related to extropianism or transhumanism?

    Anyway I will listen tonight. Thanks.
  14. Re: Math has a "Fatal Flaw" (Godel's Incompleteness Theorem)

    The Zero Theorem is a nice sci-fi movie and shows how someone can get insane trying to tackle the mysteries of the universe, and of course there is real life cases where people got completely insane,...
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    Re: Multiple major websites down 8 June, 2021

    All the websites I accessed and found issues, I can confirm their web server were up and running, the issue was only related to the assets used by that website, as Bill opened the thread saying it is...
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    Re: Multiple major websites down 8 June, 2021

    many websites I opened today was broken, js scripts, css and images were not working, it includes marketplaces in Asia, but it seems okay now.
  17. Re: Diceware for better passwords (I mean passphrases)

    what about this password (32 chars in size) with 239.58 bit of entropy, it uses extended ascii chars and also could possibly include other chars from foreign languages, but old legacy systems may not...
  18. Re: Recommended videos to introduce UFO/ET/disclosure?

    I would look into project blue book and documents related to that, search about Dr. Josef Allen Hynek, he was an interesting man, also check MAJI12.

    This website has...
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    what about this one

    Elon Musk Exposed (6 mins)
  20. Re: Ontario, Canada to implement digital ID late 2021

    Seems like Canada is a test ground for almost everything. I can just hope for them to fail with their plans, but it smells like a double tier society coming soon, the one that will physically...
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