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  1. Re: 'HELP' message in Irish booster shot news segment

    Thank you so much for sharing such a thoughtful and personal message. I have to say, I admire your spirit, keeping on as you have!
  2. Re: 'HELP' message in Irish booster shot news segment

    The word 'HELP' made out of some sort of medical or masking tape, on the side of the machine.
  3. Re: 'HELP' message in Irish booster shot news segment

    Perhaps to get a warning out that something fishy is going on, but doing it in a subtle way (light coloured tape on a light coloured background) in order for the video editor to miss it? It could...
  4. 'HELP' message in Irish booster shot news segment

    Just saw this disturbing tweet, and thought I'd share here.
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    Re: Midazolam is the smoking gun in UK First Wave

    Jacqui Deevoy's Midazolam documentary will be available on on 5 December, and will be free for everyone to watch on that day.
  6. Thread: Fauci

    by Anna70

    Re: Fauci

    The Kindle version of Robert Kennedy Jr's book "The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense)" is now just £2.99 in the...
  7. Re: Protocols to Mitigate/Minimise COVID-19 "Vaccination" Side Effects

    Today my sister told me that the father of someone she knows used Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) to treat the adverse effects he'd had from the jab. She did not know what these effects were, or how...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates


    Due to several other things that required much time and energy, I only watched this interview yesterday. But wow, this is so very important and enlightening.

    It describes...
  9. Re: Alec Baldwin Fired Prop Gun That Kills 1 on Set of 'Rust'

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this, Gracy, and confirmation of what is said in the John Schneider video. I believe the gun was handed to Baldwin by assistant director Dave Halls,...
  10. Re: Earthquakes on La Palma appear in exact grid pattern

    I thought the same, but I think what makes the placement appear more random in Crete, is that there are fewer dots, and the larger ones extend to the side and bottom, making them look out of line. If...
  11. Re: Gregory Paul Martin - demise of Boris Johnson and perhaps some others in 2022

    It was an interesting video, but I felt it could have done with a little more of an explanation as to what it is about these people's birth charts that makes them so very damning. But perhaps more...
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    I wonder if those who expose the lies keep being (falsely) branded as 'far right' because that might put off especially the people TPTB like to target. It seems to be a strategy that works well. A...
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    Re: Bone loss and a solution

    I wonder if it may be worth to try some of these sound frequency healing videos. Some have been posted by Spooky2, the reputable makers of modern Rife frequency equipment.

    So far I've only dipped...
  14. Re: Cymroglyphics: deciphering Egyptian Hieroglyphs using Welsh

    Wow, there is a LOT of very fascinating information to take in here! Thank you all!!
  15. Cymroglyphics: deciphering Egyptian Hieroglyphs using Welsh

    I first came across Ross Broadstock in an episode of Gareth Icke's 'The Walk', where he explained the connection between ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Welsh language, and just watched a...
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    Re: The Richie Allen Show

    This evening Richie Allen got banned by Twitter, goodness knows why. His radio show can be accessed here, Mon-Fri 17:00-19:00 UK time. (And he does a music programme on Sunday morning 10:00-11:00.)
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    Re: The British Comedy Thread

    This has to be one of the funniest things I've seen so far:

    Dave Allen - "Teaching Your Kid Time"

    Edited to show just the link, as embedding did not...
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    Re: Vitamin B12 deficiency, what is going on?

    happyuk, I must apologise for being so slow with a reply and a proper thank you! There were some distractions this end, and after that Bitdefender stopped me accessing the website for a while,...
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    Re: Covid-19 and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    This interesting article, entitled "COVID-19: A methyl-group assault?" was shared in a Pernicious Anaemia/B12 Deficiency Facebook group. I have not yet managed to read all of it thoroughly (it's...
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    Re: Vitamin B12 deficiency, what is going on?

    Journeyman, thank you!!! It's certainly worth knowing about if that is part of the problem!
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