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  1. Re: The Rex Bear Leak Project Incident, Extraterrestrials and Satanic Cults

    Very interesting but sort of strange when two people are discussing social personality rearranging in an apparent planetary conciousness simulation and engineered lifetime to help us / ET evolve -...
  2. Re: Eat the crickets and other bugs and receive extra PARASITES

    Swedish Scientist suggests eating human flesh to fight climate change - Not happy enough with mad cow disease. they want mad human disease.
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    Re: "Alien" | Ridley Scott + the franchise

    I suspect he had help and inside ET info like Stephen Spieberg
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    Re: Is Monkeypox the new COVID?

    The corona virus has not been isolated because they psychologically weaponised influenza.

    Genocide and infertility treatments through vaccines and engineered pathogens is nothing new and has been...
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    Re: The WEF's Human Induced Climate Change Hoax

    lol, I also wrote to the UK foreign secretary many years ago about orbs, which I have seen at relative close range on a number of occasions and multi-dimentional entities. I received a reply from the...
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    Re: Chemtrails Not There!

    Chemtrailing day and night for the last week here in UK
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    Re: The WEF's Human Induced Climate Change Hoax

    I wrote to the UK Government about 8 years ago complaining about geo-engineering. They replied in writing stating that they had no involvement or control over these activities even though they...
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    Re: The WEF's Human Induced Climate Change Hoax

    Geo-Engineering aka chemtrailing is being heavily laid down here UK recently - night and day with unusually high temperatures predicted (30 deg C to 37 deg C) for about a week.

    Now, if these...
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    NWO - already here

    In this exclusive sit down interview with Lilian Held-Khawam, a French specialist in business strategy and management consulting. More than a decade ago she began seeing patterns and decided to...
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    Re: Boris Johnson is ousted

    Likely to be replaced by a world economic forum agent
  11. Re: Analyst warns China ready to invade PNG, Australia, then the U.S.

    Difficult to believe this level of information would leak unless it was intentional.

    The west is financially and culturally broke vs China and Russia who are not broke. This switch in power has...
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    Agents of the World Economic Forum

    The WEF has been busy training and implanting many thousands of future leaders since 1993 that will represent their interests.

    Their plans are much more advanced than we think, even worse, people...
  13. Re: Deodorants and perfumes are a cause of poor choices of a partners?

    Reminds of the movie Species who did just that with her hightened senses when selecting a partner, hopefully not me though, lol
  14. Re: "COVID LIES" by Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP

    Absolutely this had been planned for many decades, including numerous other failed mass genocide attempts.

    Changing the defination of a pandemic and vaccine as well as ridiculing and banning...
  15. Re: "COVID LIES" by Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP

    He's nicely summarised what we knew but coming from him makes it more effective. Unfortunately the establishment is drunk on lies and deceipt and no one cares or dares do a thing about it because...
  16. Re: We Are All In Trouble | Jordan Peterson's prayer

    Said with compassion and conviction - he can sense the mark of the beast slowly being imprinted upon humanity
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    Re: Control through our DNA

    Yes, but....

    Microwave directed energy weapons were used against rioting Catholic crowds by the British Army in Nothern Ireland in the 1960's where they could alter the mood of the crowd - become...
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    Control through our DNA

    This Is What The DNA Swab Collection Swabs And 5G Is For!!

    Very interesting video about how our thoughts, emotions and perceptions will soon be controlled by a super computer.

    Once they have a...
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    Re: Your thoughts on Dr Steven Greer

    For me he started off ok with his earlier disclosure stuff, then he changed. To me he repeats a lot of stuff and offers few new insights. But he can spend an hour fluently telling you nothing, in my...
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    Cross the UK Government / security forces at your own peril - they are monsters with little or no respect for anyone that might expose their corruption, lies and deception. Even if you are 100%...
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