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  1. Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    article of admission BY Modernas chief medical officer regarding MRNA altering DNA /
  2. Re: Something very significant will be said in June regarding the UAP report

    I truly hope something is revealed beyond the interest of the ufo paranormal community .
    It needs to make an impact on the everyday person. And I believe, being in the state of malaise I feel, it...
  3. Re: Have you had people say to you: "It's for the best"?

    If when this all began, if i saw with my own eyes, consistently that we had a real pandemic, a bring out your dead situation, and if all the doctors that stepped up and testified and all the health...
  4. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?


    yet there is a truth to be found somewhere.
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    in case this wasnt seen/ printing in full.

    No Jab for Me – And Here Are 35 Reasons Why

    GARY G. KOHLS MAY 08, 2021

  6. Re: Doctors investigate mystery brain disease in Canada

    id accept all these if i could drop some weight
  7. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    MOUNTAIN JIM No reason you cant add your thoughts as well. we are iiving in kablooey times
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    Re: Jordan Peterson Update

    this short talk was excellent, and Im sure many here can identify with and thank Jordan for speaking it
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    Re: UAP is heating up!

    Check this article out. Pentagon official allegedly calling UFO,s demonic according to Lou Elizando
  10. Re: The Death of Mark McCandlish: UFO artist and activist

    scorpio girl / yes i noticed that myself. seems something odd about the surroundings of all regarding this. why should his work be removed?
  11. Re: 2010 Australian X-Factor winner Altiyan Childs exposes satanic freemasonry (Video)

    as an artist and musician, and more recently a playwright, creating a musical all by myself about disclosure
    it really sickens me to have to think and feel that if im not in the...
  12. Re: Man walks out of pharmacies with vax vials, overnights them to diagnostics labs.. Results soon!

    its great !! put wind in my sails. hope it exposes things and goes viral, pun intended
  13. Re: The Painter Doug's daytime UFO pics

    Agape, yes I agree, I should have dates and locations. I can say thay all happened in the NYCity area, but I dont have the dates right now.
  14. Re: The Painter Doug's daytime UFO pics

    Mike/ the one blue orb upper right gave me a spiritual feeling. I feel it was an angel and purposefully for me

    DeDuk/ that object was studied extensively by a ufo team. they checked for the...
  15. Re: The Painter Doug's daytime UFO pics

    Hi Amor/ they are five separate incidents. the bottom left, quite something as it changed form totally still in the sky.

    when we look up, we see

    thanks for sharing all
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    Re: They Already Told Us the Plan

    wow, consider the time it takes to write a show and plan to put it into production and bring it to the viewer.

    when was this begun?
  17. The Painter Doug's daytime UFO pics

    i took a screenshot of some of my day time sightings.

    ask away if any interest and Ill explain the context of each

    p d
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    Re: UAP is heating up!

    Biden may get me to like him if so. And Trump would have blow the opportunity. However, thats assessed with a common thinking, as if the President is actually the decider. He is not in my opinion....
  19. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    comical that the designers of the wall didnt account for that.
  20. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    spindoctor/ im a supporter of the wall and our borders be it trumps, biden or someone elses. but that is quite comical.

    t y
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