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  1. Vermont to Sue their Governor on May 10th

    The tiny leak which is the TRUTH is getting larger. Pretty soon the dam will burst!

    Vermont is suing their governor over Covid and masks.
    It'll be interesting to see how it turns out. Maybe...
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    Re: Emergency Grand Jury for Natural Law

    There are a few Common Law Courts that are on par with the corrupted courts we have now. And legal. With REAL Judges and REAL Authority.

    If we all pushed for these Common Law Courts, we could...
  3. Re: The election process is an algorithm the elite created

    That's the thing that bothers me about Trump. Is he sincere or just playing us? Who in their right mind would volunteer to face awful hatred the way Trump has? Maybe the US ruling class has a small...
  4. Re: The election process is an algorithm the elite created

    Sometimes, I get the impression that Dave is an insider.
  5. Re: Can a 'vaccinated' person pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated person?

    Hey, did you know that Q was started during the Lincoln Administration? I just heard that on one of the interviews, Been around a long time....

    Gracy May, you have to admit that these are crazy...
  6. The pandemic is the worst crime against humanity ever committed

    This newsletter came in an email from STOP WORLD CONTROL.

    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer who put together a network of international lawyers who were not in it for the money, but for...
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    No Jab For Me

    This website starts out with this statement:

    :wizard: (Justice) :becky: :becky: :becky: :becky: (and the lawyers)

    So, it continues:

    And then it goes on with more excellent...
  8. Re: Can a 'vaccinated' person pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated person?

    Has anyone seen this nurse warning ppl to stay away from vaxxed ppl? Yeesh! What else do we need to worry about? Even pets can get infected....
  9. The election process is an algorithm the elite created

    If you haven't watched the X22 Report, I'd highly recommend it. Sometimes when I listen, I get the feeling that he's an insider... or an actual White Hat.

    This X22 Report interviews Dr. Shiva and...
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    Emergency Grand Jury for Natural Law

    I just received this by email from ECETI. This is exciting news!!
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    Re: America a Constitutional Republic again

    I have to admit that there's so much in trying to explain all this. So complex. But you, Genevieve and John Kuhles have done a nice job of it. Thank you both for helping to bring understanding...
  12. Re: Masks with Morgellons synthetic worms on them?

    I also want to add that when a certain someone doesn't get a person's consent for something and does it anyway; there's an automatic death sentence for that certain someone. This comes from the...
  13. Joe Biden represents a new, bogus Municipal CORPORATION

    I came across this website that Judge Anna von Reitz puts out. Lots of great information!

    Here is the part I thought most of you would be...
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    Re: Looking for an all natural deodorant

    The best is natural lemon juice because it's antibacterial. Odor is a clear sign of bacteria.
  15. Re: Masks with Morgellons synthetic worms on them?

    Lots of ppl are suffering pretty badly from the Morgellons. At least now, it's being recognized as something real and not a mental issue.
  16. Re: Do you eat meat? Could you, Would you...?

    Did everyone know that in order to be permitted to enter Inner Earth you have to be a vegetarian? You have to be off all meats for 6 months to gain entrance.....

    I was trying to remote view Inner...
  17. Masks with Morgellons synthetic worms on them?

    Has anyone seen this? Freaky! Not only is there new evidence out that surgical masks have a toxic chemical in them, but now, they have synthetic worms or better known as Morgellons. Remember when...
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    America a Constitutional Republic again

    Judge Anna Von Reitz has been trying to make ppl, mostly Americans understand what's really going on in our govt and laws. It's complex, so most ppl don't quite understand it all. Or don't want to...
  19. Re: Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It

    My family is one of the many ppl who came here from a communist country. Legally, of course. Others have escaped it. Maybe ask some of them about the horrors they've suffered. You won't get that from...
  20. Re: Capitol Hill Shooter False Flag Coup Connection May Be American Senator!!

    Look at the picture.
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