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    Re: Global taxation system

    An update on the UK Govt website -

    "UK agrees deal on how to transition from its Digital Services Tax (DST)...
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    So a stranger who she never knew sits down beside her in a coffee shop and has a conversation about health and healing cancer then the stranger just comes out with....

    "What do you think of...
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    Re: Your go to book (can be your fav)

    Seth Speaks
  4. Re: What's happening in the news at your neck of the woods?

    vaccine passports coming then NOT being able to meet with MP unless via zoom calls, I suspect.
    (problem, reactiom. solution - again? ) ;)
  5. Re: What's happening in the news at your neck of the woods?

    Forgot to say, was in my local pub on Friday night for a quick pint. Just me and the barmaid.
    Crikey. A scottish fishing village pub on a Friday night, and no-one in? 2 years ago, the place would...
  6. What's happening in the news at your neck of the woods?

    Here in the UK, we're being told by the media that....

    Shelves in supermarkets are empty
    There are fuel shortages
    Monica Lewinski was #metoo victim 0
    There are huge queues at filling stations...
  7. Re: Shadow Government Revealed by Philippe Argillier?

    I dont know, maybe its just me, 'databanks' sounds like a throw back to the 70s.

    Someone trying to impress and is not familiar with the turf. With all the data he had, I can't remember Julian...
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    What's happening at Fort Hood, Texas...?

    Apparently 39 people have either disappeared or died in the last year...

    ...including 13 who apparently killed themselves?

    What IS going on?
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    Re: What has happened at Lake Mead?

    I wrote a post on here a while back about the Bush family buying up land because of the water underneath. Seems like an investment and control thing by those with power....

    Aye, aye...
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    What has happened at Lake Mead?

    "Before and After images show the vast drop in water levels at Lake Mead, which is now only at 35 percent...
  11. Re: Facebook Falls after Whistleblower on 60 minutes also Down on all platforms!

    I'm just wondering who's next?

    Twitter? Youtube? Linkedin?

    I have a funny feeling that we will be seeing more "outages" on key platforms (& data centres).

    Is the web being re-calibrated,...
  12. Re: Facebook Falls after Whistleblower on 60 minutes also Down on all platforms!

    So facebook inspires people to share divisive, negative anger inducing enagement dangling click bait which can and has appeared to affect the mental health of its customers/users, The price of all...
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    As a former senior Govt official having been invited to come and meet ETs, knowing the earth shattering significance of this would have wanted to record, video or have taken notes etc and had them...
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    Upon reflection - a somewhat emphatic sharing of an experience in a very public and high profile location, yet no tangible "evidence" only her testimony. Here's hoping her next press conference has...
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    I think Dr. Travis Taylor (of skin walker ranch fame) and our very own Bill Ryan should be on that team to meet the "beings" :)
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    Interesting, but I think Simon Parkes claimed his experiences, visitations and dialogues were with "mantis" beings? Does A˝jali 's claims go any way to validate any of his claims? (Maybe there are...
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    Re: The magic of ancient standing stones

    Interesting article on 7 of the most enchanting stone circles in Scotland...

    but the Clava Cairns not mentioned in that...
  18. Why do Billionaires borrow more to become even more wealthier...?

    Good question. According to take Elon Musk for example...

    "In 2019, he took out $61 million in mortgages on five properties he owned in California. About that time he also had...
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    North of Scotland "Event"

    A psychic friend advised me today of an imminent "event" either major floods or fire in the North of Scotland and will have much media coverage. she's not one for making such general statements or...
  20. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Hi Bill

    here you go -

    1. Have you got evidence of & have you visited any interdimensional portals/star gates here on Earth?
    2. What is the most "haunted" location you have visited?
    3. I...
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