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    Re: The Fluoride Thread

    The link below may shock some, It did me when I found out this practice goes on in real life. It is a treatment called fluoride tooth varnishing and is aimed at children in the UK as well as other...
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    Re: Time to cancel Netflix?

    Actually we had an account for a little while and noticed things alter and take a somewhat darker outlook when we used the service. For instance, emotional sensitivity alter , patience alter , view...
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    Re: 'They Live' (1988, director John Carpenter)

    Maybe John Carpenter didn't want the original formula watering down.

    As it would surely have to be for today's public, and with that said, if it was made now, the shock factor of the original due...
  4. Ingo Swann film panel for Philip K Dick Film Festival

    I though you guys here on Avalon would really appreciate this.

    This is a Discussion with Dr. Jacques Vallee, Dr.Harold Puthoff, Thomas McNear, Blynne Oliveri, Maryanne Bilham & moderated by Daniel...
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    Re: Huge fire in London tower block


    You don't have to take an article's suggestion regarding a controlled internet in China.
    Its true, I've been there and tasted it 1st hand.

    The list of websites that aren't available...
  6. Re: Mind Blowing Ancient Giant Quantum AI Super Computer Time Travels & Reads God's Mind

    Maybe there is some symbolic meaning to the bitten apple, maybe its the mark of beastly act or transgression, actually it was, what am I saying!

    And so, nobody that would accept a tracking...
  7. Re: Felix Baumgartner's world record jump, with a "UFO" ?

    Ah I see. Keepvid is a really good tool, thanks very much for sharing .

    Can you imagine what Felix must have been thinking when he saw that, assuming that he did catch it.

    I liked the parts...
  8. Felix Baumgartner's world record jump, with a "UFO" ?


    I know this is quite a few years old but At 1.12 into the proceedings a white object zooms over, just visible from out of the hatch. It maybe a satellite but could have spelled...
  9. Re: Asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion 'could transform global economy'...

    I thought we have awakened long ago. Why do we still view wealth in terms of gold silver and money?
    Transform global economy with a huge metal worth lots of money? nothing could be further from the...
  10. Re: Asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion 'could transform global economy'...

    Mining in space, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. They can't even mine the earth without causing major problems from time to time, never mind the pollution, seem to remember there was talk...
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    Re: Memories from past lives

    I don't want to dampen things down and be negative.

    But I remember only the last few moments of my past life.

    To sum it up, I really had a hard time with drawing the last breath in a previous...
  12. Re: Any idea what this plane is doing ? weather mod?

    I was thinking about this topic again today, and acquired this quote from Wikipedia regarding the Lacrosse Radar Satellite. The Lacrosse Satellite was always stuck in my mind for some reason and up...
  13. Re: Any idea what this plane is doing ? weather mod?

    Unless they have something very large to land on. The whole exercise seems contradictory to any kind of secrecy, unless that's the point, " Hiding things in plane sight" if you excuse the pun.
  14. Re: Any idea what this plane is doing ? weather mod?

    Maybe what we were 'seeing' was a spoof, a hacking happening, a weapons system test? Granted a "plane" was reported. Did it have the sound of a JET, or a prop plane?

    If this was a prop-plane...
  15. Re: Any idea what this plane is doing ? weather mod?

    Well the 1st time I noticed this incident I was too busy to get to a computer to check anything, it crossed my mind they were zeroing in on something or maybe calibrating something. Anyway around 5...
  16. Re: Any idea what this plane is doing ? weather mod?

    I didn't manage to capture a screen shot that saved as I was rushing to make an appointment ,but it did cross my mind to get some good old photographic evidence of the event.

    What on earth were...
  17. Re: Any idea what this plane is doing ? weather mod?

    It is listed as a Cessna 550 Citation II small business jet. Typically seating seven passengers, developed on the Citation I series. I've flown in this type of Jet b4. It's hanging around...
  18. Any idea what this plane is doing ? weather mod?


    Its been going around all afternoon, it did leave for a while after a dark cloud appeared, it thundered and rained. Now its back, seems to have taken off in...
  19. Re: Personality-marketing, in the alternative media

    You may find the switch tries flip back in the coming months,and if so,it may be hard to resist. It is however very liberating to overcome the urge to go backwards . To help you can think of what it...
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    I noticed a few statements by Mr Goode that stood out. The one being this.

    "his forum is controlled like a small totalitarian country" .

    This made me question if Mr Goode ever really...
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