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  1. Re: Eric Weinstein: Difficult Conversations, Freedom of Speech, and (Alien) Physics

    God it's so rare these days to hear hyper-intelligent conversations between two people that I had forgotten that there are true gems that humanity still offers.
    Thank you soooooo much!!
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    Re: Louis Elizondo Nuggets

    Wow, this video is really a nugget. Thank you so much.
    It is unfortunate that people have so many preconceived mindset against this organization or that or this person or that and thus become...
  3. Re: What in the world is this? Anyone see this before? I found this today on telegram

    If you look at the video that DeDukshyn posted, around the time 3:27 you will see that the booster having separated from the second stage is doing pulse burns to orient itself for its return and...
  4. Re: Questions for extraterrestrial entities: what would you ask?

    I think perhaps everyone is asking the wrong questions.
    Lets pull back for a moment.
    When one asks a question, what are the assumptions?

    1. The listener 100% understands 100% of everything you...
  5. Re: The 2020 New York Times UFO story has hit the wires

    This is not great news. In fact it is less than nothing. Blind people rejecting the existence of light.
    Talk about backpedaling.
    This is Disclosure--

    First the White House says that there is no...
  6. Re: "The UFO Leak of the Century": The Admiral Thomas Wilson/Eric Davis document

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Just uploaded to
    Here is the link:

    The link expires in 7 days.
    The file is about 658MB, not too bad for a 3 hour video.
  7. Re: "The UFO Leak of the Century": The Admiral Thomas Wilson/Eric Davis document

    Yup. It was mentioned above that the link would become available again, but seems like that did not happen. Fortunately I downloaded it.
    I don't know if I can upload it here. Not sure what the data...
  8. Re: "The UFO Leak of the Century": The Admiral Thomas Wilson/Eric Davis document

    This video is gold.
    I noticed it's been taken down or at least it says that it's private.
    I wonder why :)
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    Re: Psychedelic Deception

    So animals have no soul, and only humans are the pinnacle of creation, and our creator who supposedly created all life simply sits back and enjoys watching it's pinnacle of creation succumb to...
  10. Re: Most important! 2 Minute video shows mind control at its worst... please watch and comment

    Wow, that was definitely disturbing. Watching the overlapped news source recordings made it overwhelmingly clear that there was but one controlling voice making the mouths of the newcasters move....
  11. Re: Covid19: Don't trust the statistics (or the science re the tests/the cause of the sickness)

    Thanks for this video. It is amazingly informative and from my point of view, a must watch. I learned so much, such as about exosomes and even the 1918 flu pandemic. I had never heard of those 3...
  12. Re: Significant Chinese Initiative for Disclosure

    Thank you so much for this video. Just watched it and so far it has about 1200 views. So sad that true jewels like these that give one hope are not part of mainstream education.
  13. Re: Huge UFO over Las Vegas/ Nellis AFB, 19 Dec 2019

    This is a great video!
    Isn't that area where Charles Hall wrote of the Tall Whites?
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    Re: Geopolitics quiz

    Greta Thunberg Is Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, And She Could Be the Youngest Winner In History
  15. Re: CIA Senior Medical Officer Kit Green claims Alien Autopsy Footage is Real

    If I understand correctly, Kit is saying the autopsy is real but it is not an alien.
    What then, a hybrid?
    So not an alien but it is real....

    ...But Green’s perspective today is...
  16. Re: Long overdue rant: I hate modern technology and appliances

    You need to get one of these highly advanced AI lawnmowers.
  17. Re: Mathew Stein: Scientist/Engineer who was inspired to write a survival book by ET

    His book, Above Black:

    The Project Camelot interview:
  18. Re: Quantum entanglement: Einstein's 'spooky' phenomenon caught on camera for first time

    Yeah I saw that article and an even more detailed one here:

    There is small white paper:...
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    Re: Presuming the world was all love....

    Well, isn't it easier to answer this question with a negative?
    Imagine if the world was full of hate. Mothers hate their children and their fathers. Of course this would have to be true for animals...
  20. Thread: Ouija

    by Intranuclear

    Re: Ouija

    The insurmountable problem I have with the ouija board is this: I take a piece of paper, write the letters of the alphabet, put yes and no on it, and voila, I now have a ouija board.
    Therefore this...
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