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    Re: Astrology David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce

    and how do we know when/where Wilcox was born? He stated he was Cayce reincarnated and the Cayce family summarily rejected his claim.
    A con man will go to great lengths to fabricate a persona and...
  2. Re: Footage Showing US Soldiers Talking About Various Alien Beings

    I am not certain they care. BUT they may have an agreement to be "discreet" hence screen memories, loss of memory or the notion that if they are too visible the entire planet would erupt into chaos...
  3. Re: Footage Showing US Soldiers Talking About Various Alien Beings

    Yes, it wasn't anything formal. (Or else it'd not have stayed on YouTube for 5 minutes!) It sounds like an Army instructor was just adding some personal thoughts about ETs to what maybe had been a...
  4. Re: Footage Showing US Soldiers Talking About Various Alien Beings

    Although interesting this does not strike me as a "briefing" and the presenter just seems like an average person that spends quite a bit of time down the rabbit hole. He is really only promulgating...
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    Re: The end is nigh... for the Cabal

    I was happily reading and agreeing to your post until I come to this whh mae me cringe.
    don't you think that "incredibly long genesis." was spent corrupting humanity's values so that they can use...
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    Re: The end is nigh... for the Cabal

    What disturbs me is as follows.

    The "plan" that has been implemented must have had an incredibly long genesis.
    It takes a VERY long time to select, train, and mentor generations of politicians,...
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    Re: The end is nigh... for the Cabal

    Sorry, but I am left with the distinct impression that the end of PHASE 1 is nigh.
    Mission Accomplished.

    Now what are they getting up to?
    Social Credit Scoring
    Biometric, Online and digital ID...
  8. Planet Lockdown Documentary multiple languages.

    Was waiting for this to be released. Hopefully it can help some of our friends "awaken" to some pretty harsh realities.

    English, French, Dutch,...
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    Re: Joseph Farrell has had a heart attack

    I pray that he has a full and speedy recovery!
    He is among the most gifted and credible researchers we have and has helped me and others enormously over the years come to see the world for what it...
  10. Re: Can Nazi 80,000 item library reveal secrets of Freemasonry?

    Sometimes I wonder who really "won" WW2......
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    Re: Isolation period for Covid jabs

    I believe you would be well served to take the FLCCC protocol now..."Vaxx" efficacy wanes over time so look to the booster shot schedule for shot 2 that is "about" 21 days. At that point it may be...
  12. Re: Will We See A Supernova Explosion In The Sky in 2022

    Red Kachina?
  13. Re: Twilight Zone meets the Houston Astroworld Concert

    It is very provocative to consider "vaxx" jabs but there has been an ongoing issues of fentanlyl laced/spiked drugs. This CAN include prescription medinces or something as benign as a...
  14. 13.6 Gigabytes of Survivial and preparedness vids

    This is a zip file.

    Hot To Tie Knots.m4v
    How to use a Miter Saw.mp4
    How to Air Dry Lumber.mp4
    How to Beat a Lie...
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    More Than 350 Resources for self reliance

    I enjoy reading through this blog and this week a lot of valuable resources were presented. Enjoy!
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    Re: Netflix show 'Inside Job'

    I saw the first episode tonight....we should be able to laugh at ourselves once in a while..but those that are involved in these things tend to broadcast what they do and their intentions as some...
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    View Post

    Well, Once upon a time he was the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, then he channeled RA....and now for his next trick he is Arch Angel Michael TA DA!!

    I once found him to be very insightful and...
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    Re: Covid-19 Treatment and Prevention

    The takeaway from this, as they did not provide show notes, ( VERY sloppy) is "akin tothe Front line Doctors recommendations with the additions of select asthma inhalers. The interview should be...
  19. Thread: Ivermectin

    by CurEus

    Re: Ivermectin

    I think that you should not use anything that has an additional ingredient like Praziquantel. There are brands with only Ivermectin......[/QUOTE]

    We can expect the animal version to be adulterated...
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    Re: Shortages Happening

    All things taken into consideration what resonates most for me over the last decade or so are the "recalls" made by governments. By now they are so banal that "someone" is stockpiling.

    We have...
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