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  1. Re: It's Beginning To Happen Everywhere .. David Icke

    But we still have him with us and we likely have this to thank for it. Iíve been glad over the years that he didnít hold back anything, one of the reasons is because while people were laughing at...
  2. Re: Why you cannot convince your friends of the truth and what to do about it

    One thing I have noticed, at least here in Australia, is that there is a lot of ostracism of people for being selfish and not caring about the wellbeing of others if they question the injection, or...
  3. Re: Extending the Human Lifespan Beyond 100 Years

    I don't see how this guy's approach would work outside of a controlled lab setting within a notorious elite university with no doubt very pristine experimental setting. Outside that setting the...
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    Re: Strange transparent orbs in the sky

    Sounds like Wilhelm Reich's 'blue bions'.
  5. Thread: Azazel

    by Violet3

    Re: Azazel

    Very strange story about your friend. Did he say why that shunt or tube was placed in his body by DARPA? How did he get involved with that dark organisation?
    Reminded me of a Philip K Dick story,...
  6. Re: Marquis De Sade: Supreme Council Member of The Illuminati

    hi Kryztian
    I am interested to read more about this curious subject and intrigued by Energy Gem's reference re possible origins of the communist party. I came across a series of novels by Robert...
  7. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Hi Bill
    as per your comment above that a few of the interviews from Camelot days are "pretty important", could you specify which ones you put in this category?
    Thanks! :sherlock:
  8. Re: THE TEMPLARS IN SOUTH AMERICA from the 12th century

    Fabulous information. I was not aware that Al (the host) is so well informed, which makes the interviews pretty deep and wide ranging.
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    Re: Looking for an all natural deodorant

    Me too! Except I use cocoabutter instead of coconut oil, but either is good to form paste. The cocoa butter makes it a bit firmer. Works really well and does not stain clothes.
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    Re: Nigella Sativa / Black Cumin / Black Seed Oil

    Well I did not realise it had so many health benefits but bought it recently to use in cooking- called Nigella seed on the shelf here. You can grind it onto food like you would use pepper, or...
  11. Re: Adam Curtis | Hans Ulrich Obrist - In Conversation with Adam Curtis (from 2012)

    Wow, never heard of this man but his work is fantastic, thankyou so much. Have just seen the first episode and will definitely work my way through his oeuvre.
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    Re: The Window is Closing

    Very powerful IMO also. Thankyou.
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    Re: The Catastrophe Of The Previous Earth

    Interestingly a loosely similar concept of multiple earths arises from Rudolph Steiner's cosmology, in which the current earth has been through 3 other major phases which Steiner calls "old Saturn",...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill. ♡

    You're on your favourite mountain I bet. I hope the sun is fine and the breeze is sweet.
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    Re: More recent photos of Mexican artefacts

    Amazing. Also quite creepy.
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    Re: Update on the Dead Sea Scrolls

    There are preliminary remarks and the actual commentary about what the scrolls say begins at 20:20- for example there is alleged evidence from the scrolls that there was a civilisation before Adam.....
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    Re: Planet Earth Is A Ship. What's Next?

    It seems like we are so tiny, and even the planet ship is so small, in relation to the vastness around us. This ship is like a tiny orb, maybe a molecule, travelling around a huge body. The time is...
  18. Re: Thinking in bets - making smarter decisions when you don't have the facts

    A nice idea to counteract the tendency of us humans to want to make the 'safe' choices, cultivate predictability and routine, and reduce uncertainty- all of which is often far from safe or healthy in...
  19. Re: Fraud of the Century - The Great HydroxyChloroquine Timeline Thread

    Thankyou for doing that excellent summary, which is pretty compelling. Also reinforces how planned well in advance all the lethal moves are.

    However the demonstrated efficacy of any preventive...
  20. Re: Discussion on the reliability of alternative media sources and personas

    Marking in red the interviews I personally think can be disregarded. All the others are good, and a few are pretty important. :) (And I'm not really interested in anyone else's opinion! :P I know...
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