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  1. Re: I have a question for people living in the USA

    Where do you live ?:

    USA you are part of a corporation and so owned by the corporation, not good.

    American, as a citizen is good.

    Noting wrong in my pomey mind when I hear someone say they...
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    Re: Bigfoot Hunting Season

    we humans (and I don't think we are all of the same family line), are not only suffering from amnesia but also developmental problems of the brain.

    Live long, free and hopefully happy Bigfoot.
  3. Re: Luis Elizondo and John Greenewald, Jr. | 1 on 1 | Jan. 3, 2021

    Shame your not doing an interview/s Bill, we might start getting some answers and something worth watching :sun:
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    Poll: Re: Crystal ball for 2021

    Not a prediction but hope.

    Laim Stream News (Main stream news lol) is exposed and sent off to the Goo-Goo-Garga-land planet.
    Where they can continue making up stories to brainwash any one who...
  5. Re: Happy New Year, Avalonians. Post a wish, an observation, a rant, a resolution

    I want all those who are trying to unjustly depopulate the human race, just so they have a smaller number to robotise and enslave, well I want them to leave this planet and go live on a asteroid...
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    Re: How is Foxie Loxie doing?

    Bump, bump tbump :) Merry Christmas Foxie :sun:
  7. Re: Large Red UFO-UAP Crossing The Moon - 20 December 2020 - 4:52pm

    Am I watching the same vid?

    That object was nowhere near the Moon ?
    Constant shadow? not on the moon there wasn't ?

  8. Re: Solving the Mystery of the Great Pyramid of Egypt (2020 Documentary) | Ancient Architects

    Point 58:10 The closed/plugged shafts, show the outer edge of the original pyramid, and so were plugged and built over.
    Makes total sense to me, great
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    Re: Nellis Test Range UFO Vid 1994

    Hmm yeah.
    I have the feeling that nuclear experiments/blasts could actually divert, draw in any Electrogravitic craft and or over power and leave them in the middle of nowhere, and I mean 'Nowhere'
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    Re: Nellis Test Range UFO Vid 1994

    That was a great refreshing post boja, many thanks ;]

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤
  11. Solving the Mystery of the Great Pyramid of Egypt (2020 Documentary) | Ancient Architects

    Sorry if all ready posted

    This is a great investigation into the creation of the the Great Pyramid.
    I think he/Ancient Architects has brought it all together in this vid.
    Give it a look all the...
  12. Re: Lost Ancient High Technology Evidence in Egypt (Part 1 of 2)

    First of all Oops, yes it would have been good to link the vid, sorry.
    Thank you Bill :sun:

    It was mainly the knees of statues/sculptures at vid 48:19 that I was surprised at, they do not look...
  13. Lost Ancient High Technology Evidence in Egypt (Part 1 of 2)

    A very good vid by Brien Foerster.
    (sorry if already posted, I did try to look)

    He shows many of the signs of hi tech within his recent visit to the pyramids.
    In the vid he and his team of...
  14. Re: Praveen Mohan, ancient builder race with ancient technologies.

    Grate find/observation by the very intresting Mr Mohan :thumbsup:

    Lingam's Hmm and Angkor Wot, many mysteries to do with both?
    I think a single concentrated post on these combined mysteries is...
  15. Re: Mysterious Metal Monoliths - appearing and disappearing everywhere

    Okay, I estimated that. Assuming it's 4 meters high (including the part that's buried) and 70 cm to a side, the volume would be about 1 cubic meter. So here's how heavy it might be:

    Steel: 8000...
  16. Re: Mysterious Metal Monoliths - appearing and disappearing everywhere

    Interesting ?

    Yup if not old them probably an artists art piece!

    I wonder how far into the ground it goes and what the geo position is?

    Looking at it's base where it touches the earth, it is...
  17. Re: Barack Obama Calls For More Media/Big Tech Censorship

    These people do not see or hear the world like we do.
    They are in there own worlds and are actually cut off from the full world of information "Reality"

    They them selves are so conditioned that...
  18. Re: They have approved a plan to build a tunnel UNDER Stonehenge!!


    We all know by now that those in political power (which ever political side, they one and the same) are just puppets, the real powers are hidden behind them.
    the real powers defiantly...
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    Re: The Big Letdown

    Well said. I've followed Q lightly too, and am well aware of the belief of Joseph Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts (two people whom I hold in high regard) that it is a psyop designed to distract...
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    Re: A strange flash in the sky

    many years ago now I witnessed a very fast shaft of light dive straight down and gone.
    I was walking up a gradual incline of a large motorway bridge when I saw this.
    It looked like an object moving...
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