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    Re: 'Flat Earth' Psychological Operations

    "I would rather have questions for which there are no answers than have answers that can't be questioned."

    If FE'ers are so horribly wrong and ignorant, why do those of you continuously attack and...
  2. Re: Done & Sworn in: 45th US president Donald Trump: The Sequels...

    Until you're able to get your own country under control from Socialism, we'll take your advice with a grain of salt.
  3. Re: LIVE: 2016 US Election Day Special Coverage...with Jesse Ventura, Larry King & team....

    Congratulations my fellow Americans and all the patriots worldwide. This is just the beginning of the battle and a fresh start for America and the world at large.
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    Poll: Re: Who did you vote for

    Voted Trump and feel damn proud of it.
  5. Re: The connections between Alex Jones and Trump

    I think it's rather ironic and cute that you chose a serpent as your avatar.

    Jones isn't a saint, but he's helped more people than you'll ever know.

    Who are you shilling for?

    What have you...
  6. Re: You are not watching a live feed from the ISS

    Of course it wasn't real. Mankind has NEVER went to space. NASA is nothing more than a religion for atheists and people with pipe dreams.

    It sucks to have been lied to and so many tax dollars...
  7. Re: The collapse is coming soon after Trump is elected, and we'll be blamed

    Gotta crash the system to bring in a "Novus Ordo Seclorum". I just love how everything is coming to fruition that was spoken of in the Bible, and yet, people still choose to believe that God doesn't...
  8. Strange Coincidence or Unequivocal Confirmation?

    Strange experience happened to me last night before I went to bed.

    It was around midnight when I decided to take the dogs out for their final potty outing before I went to bed.

    I was...
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    Re: Is this what we want leading our country?

    Trumpster? Haha. The ignorance is real in America and I'm not sure what scares me more: someone who can't grasp reality or war under a POTUS Clinton.

    Not voting for Trump or voting 3rd party is...
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    Re: Internet out of U.S. control Oct 1

    The United States military have failed to uphold the oaths they swore to protect by allowing these traitors to sell the 1st Amendment.

    I, as a free citizen of the United States, will NEVER honor...
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    Re: Should Christians Use Magic Mushrooms?

    I took my rite of passage on magic mushrooms when I was about 25, I have never felt so connected after having that experience. Would like to try them again before SHTF, but I feel that my next great...
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    The Globalists Are Closing In...

    Just woke up this morning to this headline from Drudge Report:


    If this doesn't wake up apathetic Americans to the dire situation in store for all of us, I just don't know what will.
  13. Re: Shadow Brokers have NSA tech on auction (Intercept)

    Correct. Foxacid is a unit within the NSA I believe that their speciality is sniffing out users who like Tor and Firefox.
  14. Re: Shadow Brokers have NSA tech on auction (Intercept)

    Already downloaded the files and checked out the source code. They are the real deal. Some real nasty malware in there and it gave me some ideas...
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    The "secret government" are the Jesuits under the direct control of the Papacy. All evidence points to this.

    Consider this quote: "All roads lead back to Rome." Anyone ever question the hidden...
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    Re: Denying Global Warming - there is no 'pause'

    I think the only scam which trumps that is the fact that our entire history is based on lies.

    For example, my heart/soul tells me as a Christian that the true day of worship for the Lord is on...
  17. Re: NASA Nuked The Moon?

    Or maybe it's our understanding of language and communication that is flawed.
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    Re: Edward Snowden Missing, Huge Leak Imminent?

    The string of characters in Ed Snowden's message being dubbed "Dead Man Switch" is commonly thought to a PGP key that could unlock a treasure trove of documents, what if by chance it's actually some...
  19. Re: NASA Nuked The Moon?

    The way I see things coming, the AntiChrist will be either Artificial Intelligence or Advanced Intelligence (E.B.E.) God help us all folks, things are moving much more quickly.
  20. Re: Trump opening whole can of false flags for Hillary

    God I love Lionel. He may lean left, but he's a hell of a political commentator, easily breaking down the MSM lies.
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