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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    Is this the big declas? Just seen on my Twitter feed.

    Hope that link works, it includes the Black...
  2. Re: Covid19: Don't trust the statistics (or the science re the tests/the cause of the sickness)

    This is such important information with all that it implies in terms of global controls. How many are listening or disseminating this? People are feeling powerless and all that molecular biology...
  3. Re: Blackouts coming, not sure where... prepare to receive Emergency broadcast system message.

    Hi. When I open the article it shows today’s date. Can you tell me where you learnt it was from 2003?!

    I have been watching the drama most of the day and that ConservativeBeaver article regarding...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    A piece of BBC applied psychology over Christmas to deter any discussion that strays from the narrative. Essentially saying, listen to us and no-one else...with 600,000 now vaccinated guinea pigs in...
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    Wikileaks dump

    Greetings folks!

    I just had an email from a friend as follows:

    Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton's emails, McCain's being guilty, Vegas shooting...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    Just to go off topic briefly, I was astonished at our own election results (UK) last December, it just didn’t add up, if they’d won by a whisker I might have swallowed it, but the massive landslide...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    Thanks for those links Norman, It would’ve been interesting to hear David Icke and AJ covering the election. I suppose it’s no accident that the first link doesn’t stream anything, the second streams...
  8. Re: COVID-19: Evidence of Fraud, Medical Malpractice

    There are lot of separate COVID threads I see. This one on the evidence of fraud is the best place to post this Daily Mail article today. This mainstream outlet has, recently, begun to give a voice...
  9. Re: The Covid Coup - And How to Unlock Ourselves

    Thank you for that very clear explanation of the IFR vs CFR and one of the many ways we've been duped over this whole thing. I should add to your list from your last paragraph, the enormous increase...
  10. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    Maybe this will shed some light for ya


    Thanks Waldo. There are quite a few versions of the story now…

    According to this one Mr. Issac presumably saw the evil and illegal behaviour...
  11. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    What seems incredible to me is that HB would leave such an incriminating laptop at a repairers and never go and pick it up.

    It does have the whiff of a setup. I hope he’s not just a sacrificial...
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    Re: Checkmate! Prophecy & urgent warning

    I followed the October Surprise thread and, curiously, I missed this, so thanks for posting again!

    What an extraordinary collection of individuals! Steve spoke very well and had an encouraging...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Here and Now, I’m in a holding pattern as if the next few weeks will reveal so much more than I already know.

    If it doesn’t, then I know only an increasingly dystopian world of humans...
  14. Re: Gregory Joseph Hallett, the real "king" of England. Explosive Stuff!

    Hello Zanshin

    Thank you for reading my post and taking the time to respond, albeit wearily.

    You are quite right that I have misunderstood the basic premise of his claim. I have not studied the...
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    Re: Foraging and Existing with Nature

    Hello EFO

    So interesting to find this thread. I’ve been doing long walks in the country since lockdown, collecting blackberries, elder flowers and rose hips. Just last week I crunched an acorn...
  16. Re: Gregory Joseph Hallett, the real "king" of England. Explosive Stuff!

    Happy to examine any evidence presented, spade - please provide links.[/QUOTE]


    Just remember it is easier to fool someone, than convince them they have been fooled - i was almost...
  17. Re: What Michael Jackson knew and wanted to do

    Hi Earthdreamer, I saw that documentary too and it was harrowing, sickening. Sickening that these young men would share their ugly tales in such graphic detail, to what end?

    We are all horrified...
  18. Re: What Michael Jackson knew and wanted to do

    MJ definitely was a very special person. An extraordinary talent and creative genius. I’d never seen the vid you posted and it would require many, many viewings for me to pick up on everything he is...
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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    Greetings Bill and all,

    Interesting thread, thank you.

    I recently watched a german TV series on Netflix called '8 Days'. The story is about a comet about to hit the earth, somewhere in France,...
  20. Re: Menstruators And People Of Whiteness, Act Now!

    It’s happening in UK too Bill, barbaric, like burning books. History should not be erased but faced in any case.

    I felt some shame and sadness at the treatment of Gadaffi some years ago, all...
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