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  1. Re: Can a 'vaccinated' person pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated person?

    The people who desperately need to be challenged are not on this forum, the people who need to be confronted and slapped across the head (figuratively speaking) with information and alternative...
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    Re: The 'Great Reset'

    It is strange - what Russell says here about the individuals themselves is very true: each one could be considered a 'nice person' in their own right, they have seemingly benign intentions, to...
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    Re: The Window is Closing

    I find the example of Dr Mike Yeadon absolutely compelling, aside from the magnificent job he has been doing exposing the ridiculous aspects of the SARS-covid2 program,
    he has reached a conclusion...
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    Yes, could be, I always welcome seeing meteors, it is like a festive reminder of the universe.
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    I saw a slightly smaller one here in Perth (western Australia) on Friday night about midnight, very bright. We have been placed into lockdown until Monday, but we shall see: the Vax uptake is poor...
  6. Re: There may be three different kinds of people on Planet Earth

    Answering this post is very difficult for me: I am an 'organic Egalitarian' by nature. Since my earliest memories of being conscious I have been aware of a 'Struggle', it seems I have been fighting...
  7. Re: Why humans are unintelligent: it's all about belief

    Well, you know I have developed some ideas about intelligence over the years: it has always struck me that our education systems and psychometric understanding has been deeply flawed.
    The architect...
  8. Re: The Coming Earth Crustal Displacement/Axial Tilt (Within the next few years?)

    The Catastrophe cycle is very real: we are expecting a micro-nova from our sun, a once each 12,000 year event. I suggest this playlist from Suspicious Observers, it is backed by science and credible...
  9. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    bummer for me trying to invest in positive areas - I bought more last week.[/QUOTE]

    I think we both commenced our 'Crypto' journey at the similar time-I bought into Bitcoin last March when it was...
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    Re: Inspirational Music

    Music is of critical importance for me, I know this applies for countless others also, but we are focusing on the personal with this thread are we not?

    I think it is interesting, and of tremendous...
  11. Re: Men, ejaculating is the single biggest handicap you can give yourself in the game of life

    I think sex as a whole is overblown (dreadful pun, I am not contrite) in our society, and males are encouraged to indulge in porn, see their self worth in terms of sexual conquest; porn can be a...
  12. Re: When is a mountain summit not a summit?

    Ahh, Ego and Greed, how very familiar - 'all is Vanity' as someone observed astutely!
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    Re: "Public Health" Handmaids of Genocide

    There is a steady, consistent movement towards a highly cynical view of our old favorite general demographic 'The Public' - there is a definite figuring of ordinary people as being stupid and of...
  14. Re: Was there (is there!?) an ancient global energy grid?

    Yes I have never warmed to Tellinger, there is something very ego driven about his style, he seems to want to impress you with his brilliance and astute observation rather than convey the essential...
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    Re: The Window is Closing

    The words: Self Discipline come to my mind regarding Richard's speech about social media, these platforms respond to people's inclinations, just perhaps they are only pernicious because people use...
  16. Re: World Wide Demonstrations against lockdowns -20th March 2021

    Looking at the London streams, there is a terrific turnout, very encouraging: it seems all reasonable people have had enough of this campaign, let's hope they don't mobilise the terrestrial thug...
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    Re: Happy St. Patrick's Day to all

    My name was originally O'Gorman but my ancestors dropped the O because Irish people were terribly treated back in the early 1900's, to get work you had to be 'English'.
    To be sure, happy Saint...
  18. Re: What to do if you have had the experimental jab.

    Yes, I agree if you engage with their AI processes you will be identified and placed onto their lists; the less they know about you, and the more under-the-radar you can be, the better!

    I was...
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    Re: The Phil Schneider story

    I remember watching this same video way back in the early 2000's and I was impressed then with Phil, there is a lot of similarity between his political vision and Trump (the MAGA movement in...
  20. Re: Looking for the single best video to make a loved one think twice before getting jabbed...

    This post highlights the overall problem we are confronted with, it is a complex problem that we need to approach with nuanced understanding: the Information War and the credibility gap.
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