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  1. Re: What would religious leaders do if aliens showed up?

    I once (years ago) read about a religious church leader say that if Aliens come here they come because of Jesus and want to be baptized.

    I don't think he was joking then.
  2. Re: Miraculous melting candle face image !! a must see!

    A piece of art and beautiful in ANY case.
  3. Re: Miraculous melting candle face image !! a must see!

    Wow. This goes far beyond any 'coincidence' or 'pareildolia'. Fascinating manifestation.
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    Re: Everbody Wants To Go To War...

    I have an old vinyl collection of about 150 albums - and all are older than 30 years, so it's all from the 80ies and before - which I listen through for a while now. Songs From The Big Chair where...
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    Re: No More Abductions

    This is a little similar to my experience with a bunch of grey beings. It's actually funny to think of. It is like you opened a door in an office building and then go 'oops, sorry, wrong meeting,...
  6. Re: All the recent MSM revelations and leaks ...where is everyone at?

    It is good news. We need some hope even if it is hopium in desperate times like these.
  7. Re: THE VOID - Best/Most Corroborated Spiritual 'Place/State-Of-Being' (my article from 2018).

    I will for reasons of reading convenience also add Parts II and III here since they are important for the corroboration purpose of the article - which is the best method in truthseeking in my view....
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    Re: The Alien Agenda

    I do not per se believe in "one" Alien negative or positive agenda.

    I give the theory of the 'Melting Pot' some credits because it seems plausible to me and is also information that was given...
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    Re: Fawlty Towers

    Btw, I think Cobra Kai's Johnny Lawrence is the Basil Fawlty of our time now. SJWs and Wokies hate him.



  10. THE VOID - Best/Most Corroborated Spiritual 'Place/State-Of-Being' (my article from 2018).

    In 2018, I wrote a kind of 'article' on my OBE-Board (it is not active so don't register there at the moment please) and then on my Blog. It was 'published' only on some spiritual websites mostly...
  11. Re: Why don't most people change anything in their lives?

    Fear, Conformity, Laziness
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    Re: Life is

    ... What You Make It.


    "Life's What You Make It"

    Baby, life's what you make it
    Can't escape it
    Baby, yesterday's favourite
    Don't you hate it?
  13. Re: Coming soon................conspiracy corner

    So ... er ... well, ... what was this thread about then again ?


    (yes, I love the smilies)
  14. Re: Describing Every Single Extraterrestrial Species

    I always wonder if this is all almost entirely based on channelling. Certainly there are also experiencers (abuductees) but then it is mostly either some 'greys' or 'reps' or 'nordics' and often...
  15. Re: NASA Enlists 24 Theologians To Assess How The World Would React To Discovery of Alien Life

    Asking a Theologian about these things is like asking a McDonald's franchise owner about providing the public with healthy nutrition.
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    Re: Don't Look Up

    I don't see any predictive aspect because Hollywood doom/apocalypse movies have been around since the 50s or so. Today it can be done even more 'realistic' due to CGI if you compare it to e.g. old...
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    Re: No More Abductions

    I still believe that (mostly) it is an Out-Of-Body experience involved. Many symptoms such as (sleep) paralysis, hovering and flying through walls when abducted into a space ship are hints to that....
  18. Re: The Tipping Point - Infinite Waters

    Love the last sentence: "They tried to bury us. They forgot we were seeds."
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    Re: Don't Look Up

    I had it already on my Netflix to-view-list. Will definitely watch it soon.
  20. Re: Coming soon................conspiracy corner

    Or this might become Avalon's biggest running gag because no post apart from 'can't wait' will follow anymore.

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