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  1. Re: When men were men & women were feminine

    I think that too, I think they have to be. Therefore the onus is on them, really, to do something about it. When minorities come together they can move mountains. It's time the LGBT community did so....
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    Faith in Humanity Restored

    As the world crumbles around us it's easy, sometimes, to miss the good in others, and sometimes forget it in ourselves. The trappings of modern society has laid fertile soil for selfishness to...
  3. Re: When men were men & women were feminine

    100% agree. But that's not the most troubling thing. The most troubling think is that society, namely the mainstream media, are giving these Cultists (let's call them what they are) extensive...
  4. Re: When men were men & women were feminine


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    Re: Of what use is a High IQ?

    What is measured by an IQ test is just one faculty of intelligence, namely cognitive aptitude, which measures logical, mathematical, spatial, and linguistic parameters. But there are other...
  6. Re: A local article about me should anyone be interested

    Fantastic Doug, thoroughly deserved. I wish you very best of luck in making this a success!!
  7. Re: Some are "Woke", but others are Truly Aware

    Perhaps at last the Ouroboros is starting to get hungry. Here, woke eats woke for not being woke enough.

    Lesbian bar shuts down one week after opening because they weren't woke enough

  8. Re: Saudis plan a $1trillion sidescraper to house 5m people?

    If such things as quantum replicators existed (outside of Star Trek), we the people shall never get to see them, much less come to benefit from them. The first S in SSP stands for "secret".
  9. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)


    My only question Bill is, did your head turn into a teapot? :Party:



    Can never beat the original!
  10. Re: Weird, wild weather: floods, freak storms, giant hail, record lows, all over the world

    UK heatwave: Temperatures rising rapidly as over 40C predicted

    The UK could have its hottest day on record this week, with temperatures forecast to hit up to 41C (106F).
  11. Re: Our New World of Freedom for all who are like minded.

    Good list Mate, but I got a simpler, catch-all solution that covers probably all of the above, and would solve the vast majority of the world's problems.

    Introduce webcams - streaming live - from...
  12. Re: The "Flat Earth" PsyOp (and John B. Wells' brilliant take)

    He's completely right of course.

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    Re: All Sports All The Time

    Yep, a truly thrilling win. I wish I too could put it into words, but it's hard to explain, especially to those who don't follow or even understand cricket. 378 as a fourth innings chase is something...
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    Re: All Sports All The Time

    One for you Bill. This very bizarre dismissal occurred in the Test Match yesterday against New Zealand. It's quite a thing when you see something in a sport you've been watching for decades that...
  15. Re: The UFO Battle of Nuremberg on 14 April 1561: 460 years anniversary today

    More on the 'Battle of Nuremberg' and many other such cases here.
  16. Re: Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell: the whole story so far

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    Re: Did we really go to the Moon?

    There are several possible reasons why. I put forward a few earlier in the thread. It's basically along these lines.

    First off, JFK challenged NASA to go to the moon in his famous 1962 speech....
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    Re: Did we really go to the Moon?

    For starters there was no 'space shuttle' technology in 1969. The Space Shuttle was developed in the mid 1970s, and it's first space flight, Columbia, didn't occur until 1981. But it is true, Nasa's...
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    The Mysteries of Jekyll Island.

    This is an interesting video involving Jekyll Island, Georgia, once home to a tribe of giants. The Europeans who first encountered them fled in horror after...
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    Re: Predictions for 2022

    It is from 2005, it's written in the video description (The Next Wave 2005). The presenter confirms it when he says this scientist "warned the Indonesian government last year that the boxing day...
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