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  1. Re: B17 Metabolic Therapy in the Prevention and Control of Cancer, by Phillip Day

    I treated my recurring cancer with B17. They were very shocked when I went back to the doctor, and there was nothing there and all tests were clean.
    I do not believe B17 is what prevented it from...
  2. Re: Delightful high school science experiment showing dangers of Wi-Fi

    We have wifi permanently turned off, and I still unplug the router at night.
    Interestingly, received a brand new laptop not long ago, and massive problems with turning off wifi and bluetooth in...
  3. Re: What are your thoughts on earthing (or grounding) and shielding for pain management and overall health?

    In my experience, it is a lot better to sit outside in the grass than connecting to grounding indoors. I do indoors only when it is too cold outside. As soon as there is a bare patch of ground from...
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    Re: Socialised medicine is superior

    The superior medicine is that which is provided by YOURSELF. Eat well, learn about homeopathy, herbs, make your own probiotics, etc., and who cares what happens with the ridiculous systems in...
  5. Re: Robert De Niro Reveals He Pushed For Screening of Anti-Vaccine Movie at Tribeca Film Festival

    And THIS is the exact type of thing that makes alternative media look stupid.

    Who says Robert de Niro is the one who cancelled the screening ? He was one of the founders and he specifically said...
  6. Re: Gum disease cure - Method reinvigorated from the 1960's. No drugs

    The book is also available direct from them without giving up your e-mail...

    Also, the video here: ...
  7. Re: CBC Canada is broadcasting an expose on MMS and Jim Humble

    Some people nothing will work no matter what they try. My personal opinion is it has a lot to do with subconscious programming. Until the old garbage gets out, there is no room for anything new.
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    Re: Radical Healing

    I have seen a few absolute miracles just using revision as Nevile Goddard taught it. Serious injuries disappearing completely.

    The easiest way for me to make things disappear at this point is...
  9. Re: CBC Canada is broadcasting an expose on MMS and Jim Humble

    Big pharma must be getting really threatened by it.
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    Re: Our Furrbabies and the food they eat

    With past animals I had done raw meat and rice and veggies mixed myself. Our current dog ended up on "natural" processed dog food... Fairly expensive... Had chronic ear infections and some other...
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    Re: Edward Snowden joins Twitter

    I think they are trained to only listen to the voice in their ear. Producer was probably trying to keep some shred dignity by ignoring the guy.
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    Re: Our Trip to Georgia Guidestones

    I really enjoyed my trip there in 2009. It is a really beautiful site and felt incredibly peaceful.
    Nice to see someone else enjoyed their trip there, as well.
    Unfortunately for so many people to...
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    heheheh Thanks for the chuckle. Always nice to see (un)common sense.
  14. Re: INFO Needed for a natural pregnancy and childbirth

    Definitely recommend she check out
    I think it is about $400 or so, but this nutritionist covers the information I spent about $10,000 learning with a naturopath during my...
  15. Re: Ischemic stroke in young adults, requesting recovery and treatment advice

    I strongly recommend locating a homeopathic physician who specialises in Heilkunst - sequential timeline therapy. I have literally seen miracles myself, and cannot recommend it highly enough. You...
  16. Re: Australian PM: "No vaccine? No 11k $ Welfare / Year! "

    The poll is still open on this page about whether Canada should be next.
  17. Re: 100 billion barrel discovery of oil can't even make the price go down!

    One must understand the economics of oil and currency.

    There is a treaty with Saudi about oil. The price is ALWAYS $55 per barrel at the dollar value at the time the treaty was made.

  18. Re: The Writings On The Walls... Any Needs For Translation?

    The really great thing is how little this actually matters (what the FDA or Health Canada or any other ignorant gouvernment orgnaisation trying to keep things under control for the pharmaceutical...
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    Re: Ontario regulating homeopathy

    If nobody supported it, it would collapse a lot faster. Our family physician is in a completely different province, but has already said they are moving to Europe if this garbage comes to their...
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    Ontario regulating homeopathy

    I am surprised 35 homeopaths were so foolish as to buy into it.
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