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    Re: Official First Contact

    Sorry but I am dubious about this to say the least.
    If they were real and I could ask them questions I would have a lot to ask.

    For instance, who are the "off our planet" entities who...
  2. Re: Is anyone else considering moving to another country to somewhere freer of covid measures?

    Everything depends on your age, your family situation, your skills in the workforce
    actually on everything. Ponder well before you go, as an old song goes.
    Young, single and adventurous, go...
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    Re: The answer to the whole vaccination issue

    Great idea, Except that, that could and probably would be faked to
    fool the people who are not in those categories.
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    Re: Texas Members - How can we help?

    I'm trying to recall where I recently read someone mention HAARP in relation to the Texas
    extremely low temperatures.

    I can only speculate based on past info. that was written about on the...
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    Re: The Great Day of Re-Opening! March 20!

    We, the informed, will not be fooled, conditioned or manipulated into taking their
    vaccine, not now or at any time.

    Refuse their vaccine at all costs, Even RFK has spoken out about this and...
  6. Re: Tyranny goes full force in Israel - GREEN [vaccinated/recovered] PASSPORTS

    Can it be that so many people do not know the "real" purpose of vaccines and their
    extreme danger to our wellbeing?

    Do most people world wide not make it a priority to get the "facts" that...
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    Re: Any Thoughts On What Happens Next?

    Thinking that we have to deal with chaos is a mistake IMO. They think that first they will cause chaos and then bring about order. Stop their chaos as instantly as we can
    and then bring about OUR...
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    Re: Any Thoughts On What Happens Next?

    What's OWO?[/QUOTE]

    The "One World Order" that has been in existence for countless years with their agenda of world rule which I pray never happens.
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    Re: Any Thoughts On What Happens Next?

    We don't have a lot of time left to get on track. I read yesterday that this year is the last
    one in a 26,000 thousand year period and the OWO have to have won by the end of that period.

    I read...
  10. Re: Reliable information, a real crisis in today's world


    If they were not being used by the Gates/Fauci ilk to depopulate the Earth to the tone of billions
    of lives I would be less suspicious.

    Why does that not ring a loud bell in the...
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    Re: What scares you ?

    Nightmares, of past fears that were in the reality of day that I would like to escape from
    but keep coming back in the daytime and at night.

    Peace of mind would be my goal if I could choose.
  12. Re: This ridiculous forum thread instantly turned me vegan

    With the western diet, as I see it , the biggest negative is the additives, chemicals and
    dyes and preservatives that are damaging to our physical bodies.

    This is well known but ignored by the...
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    Re: The 'Great Reset'

    i as a person of this Earth do not acknowledge the total concept of

    Take it to your grave, assholes.
  14. Re: Fraud of the Century - The Great HydroxyChloroquine Timeline Thread

    W.H.O Who are they to dictate to us? We are not stupid. We can think for ourselves
    and will not be controlled.

    We can do our own research on the internet if we look in the right places.
  15. Re: Can we unpack what's happening? WTF is happening??

    Unfortunately, even Doctors and Lawyers and the dubious Vatican
    are controlled. In other words almost all politicians for decades are
    in my opinion "given an ultimatum" do as we say or else.

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    Re: Avoiding the Experimental Vaccine

    I'm in the USA but my take on this situation may be right or wrong but it
    is mine for better or worse.
    From what I have learned I'll just say, read up and learn as much as you can and listen
  17. Re: Can we unpack what's happening? WTF is happening??

    Hi Doug,
    I hope you will not think I've lost my marbles totally.
    I believe this is on topic.

    I am a believer in the little known agenda of the "off planet" and on planet
    entities who plan to...
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    Re: I have learned to use the delete button!

    Mike Adams does know a lot about the current situation and seems to have
    realized he does not know it all.

    So, I listen to him a lot lately.

    Alex Jones when he is interviewing someone whose...
  19. Re: You Must Divorce Your Political Party To See The Truth

    I agree totally and have mostly thought that way all my life. My motto is: never allow
    yourself to be divided between parties.
    That is the biggest controlling mechanism "they" hold over us.

  20. Re: The onslaught of prescription drug commercials on TV

    Tell big pharma to go straight to hell''''''''

    they are beyond evil,,,,........

    if you need medical info go to a naturopathic Dr. who treats patients naturally.
    It may cost more but which is...
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