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    Re: Illuminati Unveiled 2021

    Nice video.

    but here is how the post is showing to me

    The "Thanks" button vanished, and no video, only the links.

    My guess is: quotes issue.
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    Re: Mushrooms On Mars?

    they look like fluffy velvety straw mushrooms sort of thing, may be delicious... or highly poisonous/hallucinogenic.

    Take a look at velvet mushrooms family, velvet red, velvet black, velvet brown,...
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    Holy crap man, she had serious mental issues.

    In the main article it says "abuse of a corpse"..
    that was the first time I heard this term related to a cult, I am wondering what they mean by...
  4. Re: Mormonism Exposed as having deep and dark Freemasonic and Satanic roots behind it

    I watched the entire movie (it is available in torrents), and there they talk about the "salamander letters" which debunk the entire story about the golden plates.. also it covers a lot about the...
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    Re: So What's Next?

    Was having a chat with a like minded friend and old colleague of work, and we agree in some points, the top 1% of 1% (call them whatever) want total control because that's the road that make sense...
  6. Re: Mormonism Exposed as having deep and dark Freemasonic and Satanic roots behind it

    The last video says a lot, before watch the entire video I thought: "this place of such magnificence is not for everyone, they want only the wealth in there", then I rolled all the video and bingo,...
  7. Re: Crush at Israeli religious festival kills 44

    Fanatism and crowd always end up bad, i feel sorry for the people, but it seems they never learn, it happen hundreds of times in many countries and still happening, could be easily avoided, but...
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    Re: The Window is Closing

    They have no idea what they’re ****ing with.


    Bill opened a thread about 3 different types of...
  9. Thread: Azazel

    by palehorse

    Re: Azazel

    I would say, you either find a small alternative publisher that are more concerned/interested in publish high quality alternative material than make money with mainstream BS, someone with a...
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    Re: So What's Next?

    You make great points, it deserve some comments

    Start with 1:
    I would not completely discard this option, they can still attack locations that ate not essential for them and keep safe only the...
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    Re: Anyone else doubt the Chemtrail Conspiracy?

    This video says something about it chemtrails, nano particles, smart dust, this stuffs is around since the 90's, despite the dude plays a lot in the video, the info seems to be okay.

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    Re: Community pantries in the Philippines

    Cool, I saw some here in Thailand, mostly in Bangkok, but also in small town like the one I live, restaurant owners are doing it in order to help. It is a great demonstration of the human character.
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    Re: Are you saying Yes to life? Or No to life?

    Years ago I decided to make a big move, change my life in all ways possible, I was kind of bored and somehow I knew big changes were coming, not exactly what but I felt that very strong inside me,...
  14. Re: Luis Elizondo Press Conference, 22 April 2021

    Since Elizondo works (or worked?) for DeLonge, there is an interesting communication between Podesta and DeLonge available on wikileaks
  15. Re: It's Official, Astronomers Have Discovered another Earth!

    @PAtient you are not the only one hearing birds haha

    One thing sure, they got BIRDS! over there. :)
    the first video "These Are The Sounds Of Kepler Planets 186-F And 62 (And They're Incredibly...
  16. Thread: Green Paper

    by palehorse

    Re: Green Paper

    Yeah, it is all in there, I recommend reading "Illuminatis Trilogy" by Robert Anton Wilson, it is a great humorous ride, RAW was so good in exposing them and most important he managed so well to not...
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    Re: Codex Gigas (Devil's Bible)

    I am resurrecting this thread :)

    Here is the book located in the National Library of Sweden (
  18. Re: Marquis De Sade: Supreme Council Member of The Illuminati

    If there was a contest for the most wickedest man De Sade and Aleister Crowley would share the trophy.

    hahaha he would fit perfectly.. that was a good one.
  19. Re: Imagine this: What questions would you ask a wise, benevolent ET?

    Am I real? Independently of the answer prove it to me.
    Sounds a selfish question, but actually the answer should be very generic and fits each and everyone.
    In this new present era we are...
  20. Re: Marquis De Sade: Supreme Council Member of The Illuminati

    Marquis De Sade is terrible, disgusting. I went to a theater once, the play was De Sade's, at some point everybody was naked into some sort of theatrical orgy (they call that **** ART), also the...
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