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    Re: A Question for our Psychic Members

    I read somewhere, that an effort has been made by the bstds. to dumb down the
    pine-al gland by putting fluoride in the drinking water.

    "They" have been controlling us in so many ways for a...
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    Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    Photos of "biden"?

    Impersonator, Clone or Robot???
    Or does it really matter?

    He, It or Whatever, will be gone soon, IMO.
  3. Re: Russian Rapper Walkie Commits Suicide, protesting Russia's war effort

    Other issues I would guess were more prominent. A more logical--minded person would
    wait and see what might happen. We are assuming he wanted to avoid being part of
    the war effort and that may...
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    Re: Is War Ever Necessary or Justified?

    Problem is with the people who, behind the scenes, start wars and gain
    a lot financially. They are not even seen as part of the equation.

    People have to fight to protect themselves and often...
  5. Re: People filmed looking up to the right, then they spin and fall convulsing... WHAT is happening

    There is a noticeable difference between the movements of elliptic
    and the people spinning and swatting at the air.
    To me it seems like someone is remotely doing something
    that the camera cant...
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    Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    I can not believe that there is no one in the US in a position of authority that
    can have Biden removed, now--should have happened long before now.
    Are the globalists so powerful that they just...
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    Re: A big mystery!

    A rock from the surface of mars?
  8. Re: New Worldwide Financial System Goes Live in November 2022

    What does it mean to me?

    It means, DO NOT COMPLY!!!
  9. Re: What are they planning on 24 September 2022‼️

    Maybe it's not what "they" are planning but what
    will come about...
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    Re: The Queen Has Died

    Ding, dong the ........./.w>>>> ,,,,,
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    Re: Is anyone losing their grip?

    Hi Doug,
    Of all the people on Avalon I seem to relate to you more than anyone.
    That may be because I am not in the same mode of thinking as most
    people. Not my fault. It's just how it is. It...
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    Re: 911 Truth Matters 21 Years Later

    IMO Bush, Chaney(SP). AND Bush Sr. got away way too easily.
    And the "not seen" worst Bstds. of all also got off but their time
    is coming eventually.
    There will be a reckoning......
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    Re: Is anyone losing their grip?

    It is perfectly understandable that Americans would be downhearted
    because of the way things are in the USA and around the world.
    We are all aware of the globalists, the genocide agenda and...
  14. Re: NASA is Preparing Humanity for Alien Contact!

    They are so much more advanced in so many ways.
    We could learn a lot from them if the Govt. would
    stand aside and let us communicate with them.

    But Govts. always want to manipulate the scene...
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    Re: The Global Walkout is Starting

    Catherine Austin Fitts is a new type of fem. leader. Males have
    a role to play in everything but women do often bring about
    necessary changes in a big way!!!
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    Re: The Future is Now

    O don't think we need bigger, shinier, faster anything
    right now!
  17. Re: You Don't Really Own Any Money, Banking/Govt Scheme

    Maybe we will take theirs instead and send them packing...
    how about that?

    Use cash... Use CASH!!!

    Do not comply!!!

    Oppose them at every turn!!!
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    Re: The Global Walkout is Starting

    I am right in line with your thinking re the cell phone and
    I never text either. Never use toothpaste or strong chemicals
    and (bragging now) am vegan and naturally inclined to a
    holistic way of...
  19. Re: Sand Battery Breakthrough Tech Heats Homes Cheaper Than Natural Gas

    Amazing that when It is absolutely necessary we come up
    with something new that can be used to replace the old method.
    Why could that not have happened before now?

    It seems that we were...
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    Evidence of EVIL....

    It is evident for quite a while that a real evil has taken hold that is world wide. It seems to be propelled by a somewhat obscure force.

    This force could be a combination of non--human, some off...
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