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    Re: Ivermectin

    It can happen, of course. Ivermectin does not work every time for everything.

    In the cases you cite, they should have used HCQ. It is more effective when already infected.
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    Re: FREEDOM on this planet

    It is very easy, in principle at least, to turn this thing around.

    Get enough devoted, spiritually advanced, scientifically literate, humans to push for investment of about $100,000,000 to...
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    Re: Fun hobbies

    I work with wood. Mostly pine and cedar. I love everything about it; the smell; the feel; the sawdust; the tedious hours of effort; the finishing process; the final product.

    I have built all the...
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    Re: FREEDOM on this planet

    Let's not be naive. The majority will never get on board with anything unless it is drummed into their brains on the television and social media. And to persuade the elite to please brainwash the...
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    Re: FREEDOM on this planet

    The first thing that needs to be done is to get over ourselves. The question isn't how do we get to keep what we worked so hard for and ask instead how can we ensure that the least of us are taken...
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    Re: FREEDOM on this planet

    Freedom is derived from free will. If there is the will to be free then freedom reigns.

    But for a mortal being, freedom is always limited.

    In context then, a member of society is as free as the...
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    My parents are on their fifth shot, I believe that's what my mom said.

    She's not feeling very well, since. Both of them have had some strange illnesses of late. But it's because of old age, and...
  8. Re: Extreme Covid measures in Canada... as Loony as ever.

    I hate this thread. And I am actually afraid of checking in here, and don't, only to hear more depressing insanity from our medical professionals.

    But the news out of Alberta is promising and...
  9. Re: The Higher Self and transcendent experience, including OBEs

    Infinity versus the finite is at the crux of every philosophical discussion, if only inferred. The same could be said about science, mathematics, physics.

    It is the unsolvable riddle.

    I do not...
  10. Re: The Higher Self and transcendent experience, including OBEs

    Everything that stands alone, stands within an encompassing structure, whether that is a mind or a physical space.

    Consider the quanta, which itself denotes a 'quantity'. The quanta is akin to...
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    Re: Chakras as part of wellbeing...

    My daily body meditation includes all the above points.

    I use a visualization technique, where I imagine a band like a hula-hoop moving downward from the crown to the feet and back again. I stop...
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    Re: Purpose of our lives...

    I believe life is all about death.

    It is at the moment of death we learn what life was about.

    The longer the life the bigger the surprise.

    (Hint: It has to do with the fact that this...
  13. Re: What price would you pay for all knowledge?

    The thing you think you are cannot know everything by design. The knowing would necessarily change you before the knowing could be had.

    You would have to become the thing that can know everything.
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    Re: FREEDOM on this planet

    Humans are gregarious in nature; we require social interaction with others of our kind. This interaction has rules. Most of those rules are unspoken, yet they are common knowledge. It is within these...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Where are the facts?

    I cannot watch mainstream media not even for one minute without becoming outraged at the level of gaslighting.

    There are no facts. No tables, no testing, no scientific...
  16. Re: 2022 MID Term Elections .. Process, Results and Anticipated Fall Out

    And so we are all back where we were two years ago.

    Nothing has changed.

    The narrative is the same. The same lies are being touted as truth. The same players are involved. The same method has...
  17. Re: 2022 MID Term Elections .. Process, Results and Anticipated Fall Out

    From the outset it has been about identifying the enemy.

    But since the enemy is the establishment, it is impossible for most to make that stretch.

    Since they cannot wrap their heads around the...
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    Re: Justice (🎶 How does it work?).

    I am not justice - But I'll bite...

    Justice in the broadest sense is 'doing the right thing'. But that is justice with the belief in morality. Justice in our world is a bit less...
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    Dear tyrants, you're cheating - big time, again!
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    Yes the Red Wave is coming...but we might have to wait at least a few days for the counting to catch up. You know, those pesky machines can only go so fast - it's not like they are counting by hand -...
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