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    Hi Palehorse.
    That crap they pulled from arteries is nightmare material, i saw pics of them bout a yr and a half ago, they were barely mentioned back then, so i saw the few pics of them and then...
  2. Re: Music with a strong message for the times

    Anyone listened to Tomas McDonald ?

    Here is his channel

    This music in particular

    Interesting guy, it is hardcore rap...
  3. Re: Normalising vaccine side-effects, as if it has always been like this

    Exactly, and they won't stop pulling the strings, does not matter what.

    In my opinion the best one can do is go gray when all the hell start to really breaking lose, I mean it is quite easy to...
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    Re: Justice (🎶 How does it work?).

    You may be interested in reading "The Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose
    It explains in details what is authority and it is intimately related to Justice.

    In part II he wrote about the...
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    Here another option available beside torrents and rumble

    It is quite easy to download videos from bitchute, I usually get to the Source Code...
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    I watched yesterday night, it is a good warning for general folks be aware of what they allowing to be injected into their bodies.
    It worth to mention, it is breaking heart to watch it, those fibers...
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    Re: Purpose of our lives...

    " What is the purpose of our lives?"

    It is dilemma my friend. How we perceive reality is our purpose (at least for billions out there). A little Buddhist exercise, remove your senses (5 or 6 for...
  8. Re: Brazil's President Bolsonaro's legacy and values

    There are rumors about the military locking up the country, all land borders, I know someone that lives in Paraguay in Ciudad del est, he said there is an unusual moving of military personal in the...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Stew Peters and Dr. Ruby commenting on the next RSV vax panic.. same patterns observed, another ride?
    He seems very tense nowadays, even his face is quite red sometimes.

    ps. first 6 min is...
  10. Re: Normalising vaccine side-effects, as if it has always been like this

    I've seen odds and sods about vaccine requirements for international travel thanks to the G20.

    Reddit, Posted by u/jomensaere 2 days ago
    G20 - BREAKING: leaders have just signed a declaration...
  11. Re: What price would you pay for all knowledge?

    The other day I was struggling to start some exotic seed and even after reading lots of resources.. still don't get it..
    sure I would love to have some but not all, it would not fit in my brain haha...
  12. Re: Normalising vaccine side-effects, as if it has always been like this

    All the news out there are so toxic, more you read more you see all the lies.. the crap is overflowing though the headlines !

    Unfortunately most of the vaccinated folks will end up dying or been...
  13. Re: Brazil's President Bolsonaro's legacy and values

    The military voice in Brazil already said, it is fraud, proved.
    The thing now is, the ones who took over are laughing hard, Lula said (roughly translated) "The people has no power, we decide."...
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    amnesty my arse, how dare these bastards!
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    Re: Qatar, Football... Bread and Circuses.

    Qatar is an oven, been there long ago. I didn't know they are going to have a world cup there, weird!
    Last time I watched it was in 1998, I will pass again, the same for Olympic games, it all became...
  16. Re: Brazil's President Bolsonaro's legacy and values

    Here anyone can download all the files that prove the election was stolen. The website has some documents already translated into English, because the company doing the auditory in the elections in...
  17. Re: Brazil's President Bolsonaro's legacy and values

    The video about the TSE app, shows how many votes Bolsonaro had in that very small town, the person who made the video claimed that he voted for Bolsonaro, then it should show at least 1 vote (his...
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    Re: Weird religious garden finds

    most will turn against Christ, just a few will remain in deep faith. that is what it looks like to me.
  19. Poll: Re: Polls on what Avalon members believe in certain vital issues

    From a few months ago I started to look into synthetic parasites, but that could only be a possibility after the introduction the vaccines, then it begs the question, what about before? people were...
  20. Re: Brazil's President Bolsonaro's legacy and values

    Here is quite a few videos I received from friends in Brazil, also some compilations, the situation is escalating very fast now. They are censoring parts of internet in certain areas, denial of...
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