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    Re: Covid-19 Vaccine Ingredients

    So if there are hydra in the vaccines they will be in our bodies until we we die as hydra have to shown to "live forever" and they were the first living thing to be found to not age.

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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    It has indeed been done.

    I've been reading your website and see that you have a keen interest in "free energy"

    I just...
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has been publishing some very interesting results from experiments in multiple LONG youtube live streams recently.

    Hutchinson and others have taken interest...
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    If you look in depth at the history of virology it becomes clear that no one has ever "scientifically" established the hypothesis that viruses are contagious and viruses cause disease.

    This is of...
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    Re: Summoned UFOs goes Mainstream?

    I agree Mojo,
    The first time I ever saw what was clearly a "UFO", I believed I had done it "intentionally" by using the CE-5 protocol.

    Soon after I began to see "moving stars" in the sky more...
  6. Re: I'm not sure I'm functioning properly. Things are taking a toll

    I often times feel the same way you do Doug, I'm a musician as well and I have let far to many days go to waste by worrying about what sociopaths are currently doing to **** up the world.

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    Re: Vacuum or Hydrogen?

    I've been following free energy technology for a long time and there have recently been a few breakthroughs in the "Low Energy Nuclear Reaction" LENR world (formally called cold fusion)

    It has...
  8. Covid-19 Whistleblowers Begin to Come Forward, Start of a Trend?

    There have recently been multiple nurses that have come forward to tell what they saw during the "pandemic" and how it differed from the mainstream narrative.

    I have a feeling this is only the...
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    This seems to be a more realistic and attainable option.

    Changing the whole world and how it works seems nearly impossible, some people at least believe they want the world to function the way it...
  10. Re: Fighting back: Short videos/articles/clips powerful in converting people

    In response to the above video, I would ask that everyone read the paper that is referenced from Spain themselves.

    It clearly states that the spectroscopy came back inconclusive. Spectroscopy is...
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    Re: Telegram - the uncensored 'Facebook'


    You can also use Telegram on Desktop.
    Download Whonix onto any old laptop or Desktop load up Telegram and you will NOT be tracked.

    You can also use Telegram on a rooted phone that has...
  12. Re: The PCR test & how are they testing strains?

    What I find extremely suspect is the fact that the CDC says it can not show ANYONE the results of the genomic testing they claim to do in order to distinguish variants.

    They can not share doctors,...
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    I think one possibly answer to this question that I don't seemed mentioned often, ( which I don't really see as a bad thing because most "pro vax" would simply roll their eyes at this) is the string...
  14. Re: Ivermectin - Why is it banned? - Senator Malcolm Roberts Destroys COVID Vaccine Narrative!

    According to the amazingly informative
    Ivermectin works best when taken as a prophalactic (86% effective) meaning before you are even sick.
    When used as an early treatment (72%...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    I felt helpless and unable to really make any kind of change involving all this insanity today and it was driving me nuts today,

    So I decided to take some data that informed me and present it in a...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    So I admit I was skeptical when hearing this at first but now I've spent a LOT of time investigating and I can confidently say that right now there are no FDA approved vaccines that are available.
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    Re: Clif High issues a mind control warning

    I've been very actively researching viruses, vaccines, and microbiology since this whole thing started. Everything I've learned has made it clear that these vaccines are by no means safe and the...
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    This post is spam.

    The OP is clearly spamming his YouTube channel.
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    Re: The masks begin to fall off...!

    It is hard to believe the release of the virus was "accidental" when weeks before the pandemic the world elite held a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic.
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    Re: More Wildfires

    Well his expertise would clearly lead anyone to become what the mainstream would likely label a conspiracy theorist.

    I pulled this of the wayback machine
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