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  1. Re: Earthquakes on La Palma appear in exact grid pattern

    Would all the mass that was once way down deep, but is now on the surface due to the lava, add to the weight and in turn the stress on the surface, such that the probability of a catastrophic failure...
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    I live in New Mexico. According to at least one local news source, it is reported from law enforcement sources that Baldwin put a live round into the pistol.

    I do not know what happened. None of...
  3. Re: Shadow Government Revealed by Philippe Argillier?

    Well Donald Trump is also a casino man. Do you question his good intentions also? ;).[/QUOTE]

    No, I do not question his good intentions, only his bad intentions. That goes for anyone.
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    Re: a Pulitzer Prize winner deserving...

    I like Stew Peters. He is one among many deserving of recognition. Is it too early in this phase of the war to think about handing out awards? Time will tell and identify who withstood the...
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    Re: Covid passports? It's get real time

    Example of this are depicted in concepts such as The frog in the pot or totalitarian tip toe. In a word, insidious.
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    Re: CJ Hopkins: The Great New Normal Purge

    The answer to 2001, and now 2021, is 1776.
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    Re: "Skinwalkers at the Pentagon"

    The video strikes me as a typical hide the ball, shell game. Compartmentalization, need to know and plausible deniability.
  8. Re: Shadow Government Revealed by Philippe Argillier?

    Smell a rat anyone? S. Peters should tread carefully with this one. He seems to know that.

    People who made their fortunes in the casino, resort, restaurant etc.... business are generally...
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    Re: REALiTY CHeCK with Jay Weidner

    Oh my... I've just started watching this, at the beginning Jay describes how his county has just passed a law that in the event of an undefined 'emergency' they can seize everyone's property - land,...
  10. Re: I'm not sure I'm functioning properly. Things are taking a toll

    thepainterdoug et al. I’m quite sure you are functioning properly.

    To my way of thinking, the fact that you started this thread and opened your heart and mind for all to appreciate proves that. ...
  11. Re: This has to be fake? Surely he cannot be that stupid!

    Hmmm. The fluid in the bed of the truck did look more like water than fuel. I said that to my wife, but did not go down that road in my first post.

    If this was a scam, trick, whatever, the couple...
  12. Re: This has to be fake? Surely he cannot be that stupid!

    Setting aside the fact that this idiot violated numerous state and federal criminal and civil laws rightfully intended to protect the public and the environment, what was captured in this video has...
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    It sounds like her name in Audrey Morgan. There is a California flag behind the board of commissioners and the Deputy Sheriff’s badge on his shoulder says San Diego County Sheriff. So, this is...
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    You go girl! Hot darn!!
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    Re: Arizona Audits Anyone?

    Oh come on now Satori, we can agree to disagree, but I don’t see a need to bring my integrity in question over this.

    Far be it from me to be stumping for Biden, as I’ve iterated several times I...
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    Re: Arizona Audits Anyone?

    You’ve got to be kidding. Either you don’t understand what what presented or you are promoting the mainstream lie for reasons unrelated to reality. Same for Zamolxe.

    Of course the total vote...
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    Re: Future zoomer and beyond generation

    I think you just told me I’m right, i.e., correct. Perhaps that makes us both right.

    By the way, I do not have a need to be right. But I do have a desire to get it right.

    I sincerely hope...
  18. Re: Kevin Ryan | Similarities of 9/11 and the Pandemic | Guns & Butter

    I must have a different understanding of the definition or meaning of “whistleblower”. Although Kevin Ryan is an expert in the area of science and the scientific method, he is not a whistleblower. ...
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    Re: Future zoomer and beyond generation

    You’ve inverted the issue and the analysis.

    In my experience, with few exceptions, younger people (and for me that’s people in their 40s or younger) don’t care what I think—until they find...
  20. Re: Earthquake Swarm Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.

    Could the plume of smoke at about the 46 second mark, and that we see in the still photo, satisfy the conditions the remote viewers say they foresaw in September?
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