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    Re: Where can you request healing, please?

    Tyy. Your correct. I work in mental health and have a caseload. Praise jesus for you. So greatful to you all. I did feel lighter. Thx angels xxxxxx
  2. Re: What are the questions you are most driven to find answers to?

    What baffles me is this...
    Where does the bible and church fit into all of the aliens, targeted individuals and fighting the government? because my experiences I've gone through defy the bible....
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    Where can you request healing, please?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong area. Some of you may have followed what has happened to me. I'm being humbled and I wonder if anyone who is qualified or in high spiritual spirits able to pray or send...
  4. Re: Will aliens ever show themselves to people on this planet?

    Back around 8 years ago I three people including myself witnessed a ufo and they telepathically spoke via intuition and thought in the mind. They told me that they had come in peace and was watching...
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    Re: Practical help for targeted individuals?

    Coming out of this long term fight. LOVE and deserving love and not being scared to give and recieve love is paramount in this fight.

    Don't let them think that the voices are your own, they can...
  6. Re: Targeted Individual for being a healer and very loving: an experience

    At some point in my life, I had voices trying to take my soul by using all kinds of tricks. After explaining them that my soul also belong to God they started claiming right on the half of my soul. I...
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    Re: The effects of street lights on us

    I find this strange then. Where my family live the whole estate has had the lightbulbs the orange ones taken away and the LED white headed ones have replaced it. I would love to think they attract...
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    Re: Church, tithing and membership

    I have considered two churches and can I just say I love you all on a respectable level. I needed your advice and you did it so thank you from my heart. I know I don't often write deep messages and I...
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    Re: Do you think there is a hell dimension....

    Hell is living in fear. I've gone through it to know it. I've been shown heaven which I prefer and hell is an absence of love. If you block out love it does not help you at all. That's my two...
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    Church, tithing and membership

    Okay, I'm not going to use scriptures but this is just a personal question and I'm interested in knowning what is the best step forward from people's opinions.
    I am returning back to church away...
  11. Re: Targeted Individual for being a healer and very loving: an experience

    Hi free thinker. I had to sort me out. Ive just think they are wanting to get ppl identity to be ripped from you. Then they use you as possessed or drain your energy and use you as nothing.
    I am...
  12. Re: Blessed or Cursed? - The Power to Choose Blessings Over Curses

    Well when I was in agony I cursed three times in anger over a matter of three years. It's some how stayed in my energy and I'm reaping doing an emotional reaction to others when I would not normally...
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    I fail to understand why people humans or entities wish to explore nuclear or more to destroy a planet, area or person. IT's is beyond my comprehension. I feel these aliens learned their lessons they...
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    Re: Steven Greer: DISCLOSURE 2.0 (25 April 2021)

    I really liked and understood his "unacknowledged" documentary and It laid well with me but now I'm a bit like nagh he has to charge large amounts of money. When money is involved I tend to stay away...
  15. Re: Music lyrics - influences and hidden meanings and lost souls

    I love your topic. What about michael Jacksons They don't care about us.
    "They Don't Care About Us"

    Skin head, dead head
    Everybody gone bad
    Situation, aggravation
    Everybody allegation
    In the...
  16. Re: Would Scapegoating & Harassment be Schizophrenia

    Whispers come from the devil so you do' not have Schizaphrenia. That's how I see it.
    You are not crazy you are psychic. The voices you hear are a mixture,. your fears and worries, possible voices...
  17. Re: UK PM Boris tells businesses to make up covid rules

    Im so adament not to have a vaccine but the hard life im having Faith in love. They warned me of this and today i just nipped oyt to get a tea. A couple wouldnt enter the shop till i left. I felt...
  18. Re: UK PM Boris tells businesses to make up covid rules

    Im glad someone replied as i could t find the thread. Wonders after brexit if thats the reason why
  19. UK PM Boris tells businesses to make up covid rules

    I read this morning on Yahoo uk news. It has since been taken down.
    It stated that Boris Johnson was avoiding the forcing of rules upon businesses. He wants business to make up their own rules when...
  20. Re: Recent Pfizer Covid19 vaccine data - an applied failure

    I dont understand dna but im like these shots of vaccine are messing around playing god. Manipulating your own dna to attack a potential threat. Thats a recipe for disaster.
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