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    Re: Fawlty Towers

    Did the you invaded Poland sentence once during a heated discussion, it's funny to see the many various emotions amongst People present rise from one such sentence, great show!!!
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    Re: Can Immortality Exist...?

    It's actually not that hard to accomplish. What we need to set out to do is to reverse and slow down cell degradation. Tech used to exist on this Planet before the flood. It is simply a way to slow...
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    Re: If you could meet anyone...

    I tried. Got my ass handed to me instead.

    ..... but that was a long time ago. After a while of mending and a few training montages later I'm almost ready to have another go.[/QUOTE]

    We'll have...
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    Re: If you could meet anyone...

    The architect behind this Hell World so I can whack the fecker.
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    Re: A yes or no question...

    Prophecies are by definition true if the events come to pass, even if it is manipulated, that's why it's a prophecy, it's the outcome that matters, not the road towards the outcome.
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    Re: DHS Official 40 Min UAP Footage

    Downloaded for safekeeping. :-)
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    Re: Civilization in disguise

    I am actually extremely surprised this thread has almost no responses, it is after all a valid theory which should have been discussed into lengths.

    Although I do not necessary take the whole...
  8. Back to Builders of the Ancient World Docu

    I found this docu released couple days ago called BAM. I've added the full docu and a teaser trailer. Looked around on the forum to see if there already was put fwd a link, couldn't find any so.

  9. Re: Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19

    Executing people would be a lot quicker and cheaper[/QUOTE]

    This ****e's got thinktank all over it.

    They know that eluding people needs something real, just not real enough (in terms of...
  10. Re: Why no campaign to find people resistant to covid?

    That's really something living with MS, cannot be easy. Stay healthy.

    You mention this virus being gene specific, that is a quite interesting remark. When I first got introduced to the whole...
  11. Why no campaign to find people resistant to covid?

    So, all these measures they have implemented over time, the "New Normal" and so on. Mass manipulation, creation of anxiety amongst People, creating an urgent media message to deceive and all that....
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    Re: Farewell?

    Don't think we had any conversations standing out, nevertheless, I am truly sorry to read your post. Best of luck and strength wished upon you and the ones caring about you.

    There's a New thing...
  13. Re: Has anyone ever experienced a 'dream stalker'?

    Could be your worried being dragged into the whole Earthly lattida ignore what I am seeing so it will not be happening syndrome. That dance for instance, Dance with the Vampires (or// Pardon me but...
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    Re: (s7e6e asks) is Avalon a CIA platform?

    Hmmmmmm... numerology is a very curious and telling thing, but how is 7e6e not 7 565?[/QUOTE]

    It's just (part of) a harmless image code, there's many with the same nick name out there. Are they...
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    Re: (s7e6e asks) is Avalon a CIA platform?

    Like my previous post says what it says, but let's speculate.

    So.. Just for the sake of argument, what if this were true?

    Does it change anything? No. The content is still there, the...
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    Re: (s7e6e asks) is Avalon a CIA platform?

    One could be pointing to something just to deviate interest/suspicion up on self.
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    Re: The Tisulskaya Princess

    Oooh my, I believe I posted something on this on another topic while ago, perhaps on one of Meck's Topics. I have been looking for this document for ages, very happy with you finding this and...
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    Re: George Knapp & "The Summoners"

    Hard time believing anything Greer shows up in, and I'll tell you why.

    I have been living in an area where the (glowing orange/white spheres) craft fly every night (almost) and between 6-15 (it...
  19. Re: [FIXED] Browser warnings that "Avalon is insecure"


    Got problems loading in this morning, never had this on Avalon before. When I click on Avalon to load, there's no address showing up and it keeps (bleu ball) going from left to right but...
  20. Re: HELP - any information relating to the Caldbeck UFO. This is Astounding.

    I watched 4 hrs of footage, just footage, no sound etc in where the maker of that work just showed destroyed ancient sites etc. The amount of sites showing intelligent design behind the destruction...
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