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    Re: Disassociation in China

    No, definitely not exclusive and yes, staged events carry with them their own concerns, but to be clear, it's not the apparent violence or criminality, petty or otherwise, that concerns him but the...
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    Re: Disassociation in China

    But this also happens in many 'Western' cities too, also seen from these staged 'experiments' (not a fan of them either). It is certainly appalling but it is really a China-exclusive problem?
  3. Re: Motivation - stand together - say NO!

    IMV, Any sign is what you make it with your cultural or only personal / psychological background.

    Just think about 'swastika' as another example. It was not invented by the Nazis, just misused,...
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    Re: Future zoomer and beyond generation

    Makes me laugh because this could have backfired easily by turning the tables on her 'logic'. When she says she dates only Asian guys she excludes other minorities (not talking about anti-white here...
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    Wow what a document.

    By the way, as this is from Germany: ""
    --> Club der klaren Worte means "Club of...
  6. Re: Trigger Warnings Are Too Triggering

    The fact that even 'Trigger Warnings Are Too Triggering' for some ... really triggers me now.
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    Re: What's up with Trump?

    The decisive thing is that he does not promote vax mandates but vax free choice. That is still a difference. What he personally prefers is up to him although I heard he was always critical of the vax...
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    Always loved Abba and was a bit (like many men of young age, or boys..) in love with Agnetha somewhat.

    I rediscovered them for me already in the mid-00-years (still pre-YouTube area) and did a...
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    Re: Life and death

    You cannot carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, not all the time but actually not at all. You - and all of us - need to seek timeouts, also from the internet and mass media. Take at least...
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    Re: Vaccine propaganda

    The obvious stupidity on display in this 'argument list' actually makes it ANTI-VAX propaganda for me. :facepalm:;)
  11. Re: Coffee and the Third Eye. Why I quit coffee

    Practical question to all of you: If it's about caffeine in coffee would de-caff (especially if organic) still be an acceptable alternative?

    I ask because I saw that all the other exotic coffee...
  12. Re: The PCR test & how are they testing strains?

    But how can one by sure anyway if she or the other festival goers had covid and not some other co(rona)mmon cold or (in)flu(enza) since symptoms are alike anyway? I believe we don't know anything...
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    Re: Astral Projection

    I APed a lot years ago and only occasionally it happens nowadays. Always loved doing this in my 'wild' AP years when I logged everything in a journal, even online. But there comes a time when you...
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    Re: "Awake" music

    Kate is and will always be my favourite female singer artist songwriter. :sun:
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    Re: "Awake" music

    Great thread! Tool for me is the most 'awake' band anyway, also with their many spiritual lyrics. I would have posted them but they were already added above, so I go with another one, quite a recent...
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    Re: Graphene in the 'vaccines'

    Meanwhile in Japan ...
  17. Re: [HOAX] Germany suspends all vaccinations and licenses in the light of vaccine injuries

    Honestly. I did not even click on the link to watch it. Knowing immediately it was a fake.
  18. Re: FDA seems to approve Pfizer Covid shot (but perhaps it hasn't)

    Sheeple1: "Hm, so it is only approved now? Why did I take it then?"
    Sheeple2: "Nah. Nevermind. Just do what the authorities tell you. They know what's best. (proud) I'll get my third shot in a week...
  19. Re: Back to normal in Europe and US: covid is nearly finished

    The problem is we cannot 'believe' any number/percentage of vaccine deaths because the REAL numbers are said to be much higher due to the high amount of unreported or unackknowledged cases. So that...
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia

    I still hope it is NOT true. It is unbelievable. A holocaust on children and young people before our eyes? It is getting unbearable. God, please, no, this has to end!
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