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  1. Jordan Maxwell has had a stroke

    I didn't see anyone else posting this, so to update everyone. This is from his Twitter account which I think is genuine, he started it last year and has posted a number of short videos on it.

  2. Re: Mass hypnosis, or "Mass formation": how large populations become extreme

    I think mass formation is a very important subject which people can use to understand what is going on. Even the Google search results have been manipulated to show the top results as debunking...
  3. Re: INDIGO MATIAS De STEFANO. Full memory recall at 12 yrs old

    There are a few threads about this very interesting guy - mods, can you merge them?

    He is very interesting as his information comes from his past life/between life memories
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    Re: Remarkable Tales From Beyond

    That's an interesting point.

    On this Earth plane, Spirit is very near. Our guides and loved ones watch over us all the time, and can be heard whispering in our ear by those who can hear. They will...
  5. Re: Help and links needed for stage 4 pancreatic cancer

    Great information on this thread. I would add intravenous Vitamin C to the list. Assuming your friend is in New Zealand, here are some links:
  6. View Post

    This is a very interesting interview. The interviewer, Jeffrey Mishlove, is also an extraordinary guy with a wealth of knowledge on these issues going back to the 1970's.

    One question for...
  7. Re: Is the Queen not long for this world?

    Very interesting insight from Cryptoviewing. On the astrology front, I haven't done a deep dive but I think the series of Scorpio-Taurus eclipses (which have just started) will have a major effect on...
  8. Re: The Mandela Effect: What does it mean??

    Moonraker, Yes. This was the critical tipping point for me personally that caused me to be 100% certain that something highly strange had happened.

    It was an old movie (1979), but I'd downloaded...
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    Re: Unwinding the heart centre

    I was going to start a new thread headed "The Heart is Not a Pump" but you just said it here, so I'll put the information here and see if anyone notices.

    Thomas Cowan has done several great videos...
  10. Re: The Galileo Project - Public Announcement July 27th, 2021

    This seems to be the only thread with the Galileo Project in the title, so I think it is worth building on.
  11. Re: Protocols to Mitigate/Minimise COVID-19 "Vaccination" Side Effects

    Many great responses on this thread, but I will just keep this very simple to something you can action right now: take lots of Vitamin D and also chaga powder (can add to tea or coffee, or just with...
  12. Re: The Spartacus Letter | An Impressive Summation of the last 2 years. Don't miss!!

    It may be too much to say this is a historic document, but it is very comprehensive and detailed. It's a great resource to give to people who are questioning the official narrative but don't have the...
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    Re: Arizona Audits Anyone?

    Denial - ain't just a river in Egypt
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    Re: REALiTY CHeCK with Jay Weidner

    I watched the whole interview and it is very interesting, but two things struck me:

    They talked about Saturn and how the elites worship Saturn and its symbolism (hexagons, etc.) but they...
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    Re: REALiTY CHeCK with Jay Weidner


    Folks, this is one heck of an interview. It covers so much, in so much interesting detail, that it could be cross-posted on three or even four different threads: the Apollo...
  16. Re: Carol Clarke: the most consistently accurate psychic I have come across

    Just a note here: Lan Vo is in Hawaii, and her website is here. Her readings are booked up for months ahead. (I'm familiar with Elainie's reading for her, and yes, it was mindblowingly accurate.)
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    Re: The masks begin to fall off...!

    You are right, deliberate release is also very possible. But the rollout was so messed up, that I think it is more likely that an accidental release happened before the plans for the deliberate...
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    Re: The masks begin to fall off...!

    I don't want to be "that guy" but please can people do some basic checking before posting "interesting" and "exciting" information.

    It is not true that the Wuhan lab is owned by GlaxoSmithKline....
  19. Re: John McAfee Dead: Suicide or.........?

    Apparently the picture is an image of the Koidu Diamond mine in Sierra Leone. Twitter says it is "owned by Koidu Holdings. Subsidiary of OCTEA, owned by BSGR group founded by Beny Steinmetz. Israeli...
  20. Re: Vitamin B12 deficiency, what is going on?

    Thanks for this interesting thread on a very important subject. I would only add one detail, which is that most B supplements contain B12 in the (cheaper) form of cyanocobalamin, which actually...
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