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  1. Re: Where's Durham??? A continuing painting series

    You know it has to happen at some point Doug :idea::
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    Re: Deep state twist?

    Are they the hardest? They're trained to obey orders. Ensure the top ranks are under your control and the rest should go where they're told to. Although should world govt be attained they'll...
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    Re: Deep state twist?

    I don't think the Biden regime really exists Ron. So many things point to it being deliberately chosen to be as inept and unpopular as possible. If the DS wanted them to succeed there'd have been a...
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    Re: Personality changes in vaxxed people

    I can't detect any changes of personality, other than the stresses that everyone has been under recently. No aggression in the shops or supermarkets, plenty of people having ditched the masks, staff...
  5. Re: Where's Durham??? A continuing painting series

    Doug after many months looking through decodes and deconstructions, I'm now one of those people that looks for meaning in everything. You know the sort, crackpots. :)

    I looked at Durham, who, as...
  6. Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    There's a lot in that excerpt. As so often when discussing TPTB there's a lot of plausible sounding allegations, but little to no way of establishing their veracity. I wonder if anyone has read the...
  7. Re: All politicians are lying to us. Not a single government tells the truth. See what a chief scientist from Pfizer has to say

    There aren't many silver linings in the current situation, but perhaps one is that the notion that we live in a world of independent nation states each deciding their own course has been fatally...
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    Re: Pfizer 'vaccine' info for New Zealand

    Myocarditis in young males is a known issue,
    some anecdotal accounts here:...
  9. Re: World War III -- A New World Order. We've been in this war for decades.

    Indeed. Well said.

    Subtle, ambiguous and deliberately corrupted by deep state memes.[/QUOTE]

    Yes, one of the aspects of this war is the industrial scale mis and disinformation which has been...
  10. Re: World War III -- A New World Order. We've been in this war for decades.

    I am deeply optimistic. I am still composing in my mind the early drafts of what might become a coherent explanation of why I am optimistic. Stay tuned :cow:.[/QUOTE]

    I'm not completely without...
  11. Re: World War III -- A New World Order. We've been in this war for decades.

    It's a depressingly well argued analysis. I wish I could pick holes in it, but it's as good a read of where we're at as I've seen.

    The UK political scene looks much as one would expect if someone...
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    Re: Amazon - Is this a joke?

    Occam's razor suggests a joke. However, lawyers are not known for making jokes within legal documents which set out terms of service. For that matter, alphabet agencies such as FDA are not known for...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    Welcome. I wasn't aware of Phil Godlewski prior to posting the video which I found on the Project Camelot Telegram channel. However, you might want to treat him with caution given what I have read in...
  14. Re: Coffee and the Third Eye. Why I quit coffee

    I no longer drink or smoke, so what do I do?


    I do coffee :(

    I had seen the pineal gland study and a little while ago on a discussion thread I saw someone posting that coffee...
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    Re: The Planetary Simulation

    Apologies for what may seem a prosaic response, but if you could edit that previous post above and insert some more paragraphs and line breaks, it's going to help readers digest the very interesting...
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    Re: The Remote Viewing Data Dump

    Unfortunately both teams have excellent track records.[/QUOTE]

    Could we do something here together then, along the lines that Grady May suggests? Simple spreadsheet, time and date of when...
  17. Re: The Negative vs the Positive "Golden Rule"

    I like that. A small change in emphasis with big implications.
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    Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    He has a gift for writing, these updates invariably have some striking phrases within.
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    Re: "Awake" music


    Eric Clapton - This Has Gotta Stop
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    Re: Angels: Good, Bad or Ugly?

    The way I understand it, that without Lucifer and His "being cast from heaven" (part of the 'outbreath'), there would be no physical universe. It was the process of him "moving out of heaven" that...
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