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    Re: Algorithms of a higher order?

    For me the most recent attack was my work contacts were erased from my contacts list. And no, I did not accidentally erase them myself. And it is not the first time this has happened.
  2. Re: Math has a "Fatal Flaw" (Godel's Incompleteness Theorem)

    I think it is by designing machines that 'force' or 'coax' the paradox into the forefront and then using it to make impossible things happen, is a way to elicit the effects of the zero point field.
  3. Re: Math has a "Fatal Flaw" (Godel's Incompleteness Theorem)

    This line of argument is based in the largest context, without going metaphysical, on the ungraspable concept of the ether. Modern science has almost entirely done away with the need for it, yet a...
  4. Re: Math has a "Fatal Flaw" (Godel's Incompleteness Theorem)

    Any system that deals with infinity has the problem of completeness.

    It could be said that the irreconcilable relationship between the finite and infinity is the proof of incompleteness itself.
  5. Re: Math has a "Fatal Flaw" (Godel's Incompleteness Theorem)

    If mathematics was complete, there would be no miracles.
  6. Re: Do we have a Spirit? Do we have a Soul? And where's the proof?

    I agree it was a tad rude. Sorry. Must have been having one of those days...

    My point was that the body is all we know. It is our ground, our reference point, our one constant. When we speak of...
  7. Re: Do we have a Spirit? Do we have a Soul? And where's the proof?

    My proof is that I remember how it felt to exist in a place that is not earth, before I was born here.[/QUOTE]

    I've gotten rid of enough attached entities to know that their memories can feel...
  8. Re: Do we have a Spirit? Do we have a Soul? And where's the proof?

    If the soul is the greater part of a human's identity, stretching back to before birth and beyond, then when we die, the thing we thought we were will dissolve and be no more.

    It must be so...
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    Re: Lyn Buchanan 2050

    The final chapter of a dream such as the one we dream can only end one way, in disaster. The terrible calamity that ends this dream is the inevitable conclusion to the entire gestalt that seeks to...
  10. Re: The Pyramids Of Egypt: Relics Of An Advanced Prehistoric Civilization

    From memory:

    I cannot remember the name of the person who found the inscription of Kufu's name in the great pyramid.

    There is no markings of any kind in the great pyramid. The only mark ever...
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    Re: Why are aliens so secretive?

    So, where does The Creator come into it? Or has our connection to Source been circumvented entirely?

    Tech is one thing, miracles another. Nothing is absolute in this world. Leaving room for the...
  12. Re: World is Changing So Rapidly - David Icke

    The visible light part of the speech is a very evocative means to describe the human situation. We are almost blind, when it comes to seeing what is all around us. We see a spectrum of frequencies so...
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    Re: Lyn Buchanan 2050

    I get my revelations in fits and starts as flashes of information transferring tight packets of data beyond words or even pictures. These flashes are entire gestalts is the best I can describe it and...
  14. Re: The Breatharian Path - The Science, my own Journey, and the Ramifications for any Human

    When I do my breathing exercises there is always that special, very satisfying breath, distinct from all the other deep breaths. It fills my entire being with light and energy. I often know when that...
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    Re: Antibiotics and me

    I am on a course of antibiotics for my abscessed tooth. The pain is excruciating. I was popping T1s like candy to no avail. Finally on Friday I went to the dentist. The painkiller I am on is amazing,...
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    Re: Anger: Motivator or Destroyer?

    I find anger to be very dangerous. I often find anger destroys higher level functions. In the end, anger is often turned against me.

    So what I have learned is it is best to be angry only when I am...
  17. Re: Discovery Of Massive Bridge Crack Forces US Coast Guard To Close Portion Of Mississippi River

    The top of that beam has been purposely cut, it seems to me. Once the load bearing strength of the beam was compromised by the sabotage, the remainder of the beam sheared off. The difference in the...
  18. Re: The AltRight is NOT the whole of the Alternative Community

    Ever since Babylon, and even before, people have found labels useful as a fast and effective means of characterization. Everyone needs to know their place and labels help to delineate. But since a...
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    Re: Are some animals not very magical?

    I am afraid to open this thread for fear of what horror is the new wonder of the day...
  20. Re: The pandemic is the worst crime against humanity ever committed

    Hard to feret out the pertinent facts, isn't it, Ewan?

    It hardly makes sense to make a non-lethal virus only to get people to take the gene therapy inoculation. Why not just have killed them with...
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