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    Re: Multiple major websites down 8 June, 2021

    This has to do with the Cyber Polygon Exercise in connection with the Klaus Schwab Economic Forum stating that after pandemic we will be experiencing major cyberthreaths. Now they are not hiding...
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    Re: The Top 10 evil people still alive today

    WHy George Soros is not on the list??
  3. Thread: So What's Next?

    by prc

    Re: So What's Next?

    This is the second account I read that states that the Capitol is empty and that politicians are running things from a distance. Iīm honestly not worried with the incoming geophysical catastrophe...
  4. Re: The Soul's Book of Answers - The Armor of Light

    Search for answers within. DO not let other people define things in yur life. Use your intuition.
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    I would bet on a Global famine that has already kik started here in Brazil. According to a news article, right now, more than half of the Brazillian Population is facing food insecurity. (Brazillian...
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    Re: Looking for an all natural deodorant

    Here in Brazil, decades ago, a farmacist suggested the use of a product called " Leite de Magnesia", which translated to english means milk of magnesia. It is originally manufactured as antiacid and...
  7. Re: Much of Alternative Media Becoming Just As Toxic And Damaging As MSM

    My perception of the Alternative Media changed when all of them decided to deny the existence of the coronavirus pandemic situation. We can perhaps discuss the goals of the globalist to release a...
  8. Re: Sleeping on the ground has cured me of all muscle tension, inflammation, stiffness, etc.

    From childhood up to 26 years old I slept on a really old mattress made of foam and on the middle there was wood. It was the best mattress I have ever had. Today I am on a mothern mattress with...
  9. Re: The Tarahumara people in Mexico: the greatest runners the world has ever seen

    I wonder if they have knee injuries and how long they live?
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    Re: The making of the new world religion

    waiting for Chapters 10 and 11.
  11. Re: Reliable information, a real crisis in today's world

    First of all, Doctors take monthly payments from Farmaceutical companies to prescribe their medicines, so their opinion cannot be counted on anymore unfortunately. We have to rely on ourselves by...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill. ♡

    I wish you Bill a Very Happy Birthday! And that you live a long long live! Many Thanks for creating this Forum with special people sharing interesting Knowledge and information!
  13. Re: Is anyone else considering moving to another country to somewhere freer of covid measures?

    It is not mandatory to get vaccinated in Brazil, but our Supreme court said that not getting vaccinated can cause consequences such as to be forbidden to go on some public places. Our population is...
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    Re: The many side effects of the Covid 'vaccine'

    185 pages of Covid 19 Deaths and Side Effects.
  15. Re: 10 REASONS TO BE VEGAN: Why people make the change

    I respect your diet but I eat everything, vegetebles, fruits, meat grains (an omnivorous diet), I was raised this way and I do not plan to change my diet because meat contains vitamins of B complex...
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    Re: Let me Introduce myself and my work: ATMA GAIA

    Hello Eric, Welcome to Avalon. It is always a pleasure to find other brazillians here. I have subscribed to your youtube channel, Thanks for sharing.
  17. Re: Every Corporate Media Co-Conspirator Must Be Shut Down and/or Taken Over Expeditiously

    And I can say more than that, the organized crime is related to high hierarquie public figures like members of parliament, judges, Ministry, thatīs because the organized crime only grows and expand...
  18. Re: Every Corporate Media Co-Conspirator Must Be Shut Down and/or Taken Over Expeditiously

    I donīt know if there was a fraud on the USA election. But what is garanteed is that corporate media, politicians and corporations work hand in hand against us. Our corporate media in Brazil...
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    Re: Smart Homes: Expanded Role for Alexa

    Iīm not worried, nobody can oblige me to buy this device. I donīt have a smart watch( That is constantly monitoring our health), I donīt plan to buy Alexa, or Googleīs version of Alexa. or any...
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    Re: Mother Mary in Bosnia, messages and secrets


    Many Thanks for your thread. All the informationn was very useful. From your experiences to the 3 sentences below your profile. Very much appreciated. I am very far from Europe to visit...
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