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  1. Re: The Coming Earth Crustal Displacement/Axial Tilt (Within the next few years?)

    It is stalled every 12000 years or so. Graham Hancock has all but proved it
  2. Re: Presidential Timelines, Trump and World War

    So Iíve watched some of this regarding timelines. There are things she doesnít cover which is why we all see different things at different time. It it was jus a case of switching timelines we were...
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    Re: Internal Vaccination Passports for the UK

    Many of us feel the same way. I even put together the nightingale plan in February. Then heard De Beors had already started buying morgues ad the such well before the plan was announced. And before...
  4. Re: JFK: 3 shooters, the fatal bullet from Johnny Roselli in the storm drain.

    Gianni Russo is a know liar. He makes things up. Johnny Roselli was in the Dal Tex building with Charles Nicoletti George bush snr and CIA spotters. Johnny roselli was very close with the CIA. Iím...
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