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  1. Re: What does Normalizing Insanity aka pushing 'The New Normal' Agenda, look like? - John Kuhles

    This may not sit very well with some Avalonians but I am going to put this out here for comment.

    There is an agenda to cripple the population by sharply reducing the consumption of animal derived...
  2. Thread: Diabetic info

    by CurEus

    Re: Diabetic info

    I am also pre diabetic but you have not mentioned anything about your lifestyle . Are you active, overweight, do you have access to quality foods abnd the resources to buy them?

    You may want to...
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    Re: Logan Paul... aliens coming in June?

    if "nothing" is real then "nothing" really matters.

    This is an opportune way to delegitimatize any and all behaviours.....the ultimate excuse for anything "wrong" or "bad" even "evil"

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    Re: Covid passports? It's get real time

    I believe Canada will refer to them as "health" passports...I have also heard the vaccinated cannot donate blood. they would perhaps pass "immunity" but maybe not all the other things in these DNA...
  5. Re: Dr Bill Deagle's December 2006 Granada Forum Lecture

    !st generation Dogmen?
  6. Re: The Future of Time Travel, Aliens & The Universe - Dr. Michio Kaku

    then you would end in up "a future" as likely as you would end up in "a past" which may not be one you like....although every consceivable event could alter a future some of them would by sheer fluke...
  7. Re: 2010 Australian X-Factor winner Altiyan Childs exposes satanic freemasonry (Video)

    What I find interesting and compelling to follow is the "one hit wonders" and artists that "suddenly die" in bizarre airplane and other crashes or often with an "overdose".

    I wonder if they are...
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    Re: Linguistic Wave Genetics


    In the Dune novels by Frank Herbert a power faction in the "known universe" were known as the Tleilaxu or Bene Tleilax. They directly genetically manipulated people and their clones'...
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    Re: Steven Greer: DISCLOSURE 2.0 (25 April 2021)

    Well, apart from Greer's pricing I also tend to take exception to go on $6,000 "guided tours" of megaliths. Yes people need to earn a living and some may incur considerable costs in their research...
  10. Re: mRNA 'vaccines', and time-traveling ETs who need our DNA

    After reading all of the insightful comments it dawned on me that there a few things to consider about Abductions for reproductive sampling.

    A. The "aliens" or their AI agents are quite clueless....
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    Re: Ed Dames Talks About Remote Viewing Satan

    I tend to agree! There have been multiple accounts that beings with advanced abilities are aware when they are being viewed, some can dismiss the viewer and some have attacked.

    This also holds...
  12. Re: mRNA 'vaccines', and time-traveling ETs who need our DNA

    I am a bit concerned with the old thinking of "vaccine shedding".....if this is the case with the Gene Editing therapies.....there is no where to run and no where to hide. We would need

    A. A...
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    Re: Has anyone here tried the carnivore diet?

    Mikhaila Peterson reported the same thing. Can you expand on this? Thanks in advance[/QUOTE]

    In my personal experience I developed acne and eczema when I was consuming grains, additionally...
  14. mRNA 'vaccines', and time-traveling ETs who need our DNA

    Experiencers have often stated that several alien species and AI's are collecting human DNA and reproductive materials as:

    1. We are destroying ourselves/planet/habitat/environment
    2. They are...
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    Re: Has anyone here tried the carnivore diet?

    I have been primarily keto primary-carnivore since February with about 85% of my calories from animal products with occasional nuts, mushrooms and some fruit & Veg. I will VERY rarely consume grains,...
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    Re: "Crop"-Circles of a New Kind?

    We know animals are sensitive to subtle energies that we do not perceive very well usually.

    Could there be residual energy left over from a crop circle, we may not see this behaviour usually as...
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    Re: Covid masks with "worms" on them?

    I am in Toronto and just DONE with the lock downs so I am going to go to Florida for a while. If I fly I need a PCR test results but I also found out I can use a blood test.

    Upon my return their...
  18. Re: Hilary Clinton scheduled for a military court appearance - Any truth in this?

    I was thinking along the same lines and it occurred to me her body is irrelevant, it is whatever demon archon that possessed her that needs to be dealt with.
  19. Re: Egypt's Royal Pharos Golden Parade LIVE April 2021

    The fact that this was produced as an extravagant spectacle suggests to me something MUCH more is going on.

    That would distract from other hidden goals being realized that night.
    Usually the...
  20. Re: Egypt's Royal Pharos Golden Parade LIVE April 2021

    Live From Cairo ( In English) April 3rd 2021
    Video Links at bottom of post.

    Cairo — This weekend, Egypt is putting on a parade for its royalty. But the guests of honor in this procession have...
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