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    Re: Internet Censorship: So it began...

    Firefox is going to block Trump now.
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    Re: I donated today!

    I just learned that Mozilla firefox is going to cesner Trump.

    Seriously it is a search engine and should be totally neutral if they censure Trump what else are they up to?

    Very sophisticated...
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    I donated today!

    I log in daily and PA produces value. I am not rich, but $20 is not going to break the bank.
    Thank you Bill and all the volunteers!
  4. Re: Vaccine Message in Space Needle New Year's Light Show

    I just posted in another thread that if the Mrna does effect a change in our DNA then we are technically no longer human...I did not mention that some Biblical scholars thought that God flooded the...
  5. Re: Vaccination Feedback - from PA Members & their families .....

    I think we should pause for a moment and acknowledge that this is clearly not a "vaccine". This is a mRNA modification that causes the body to produce a COVID like substance that "should" prime the...
  6. Re: Is it just me? (Logging in/ confirming things twice now)

    Here in Canada to login to my Government of Canada accounts student loans, taxation etc I have to use a "trusted partner" IE my bank. I am often prompted for 2 factor authorization for email and...
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    Re: Patrick Wood's 2021 Technocracy News Forecast

    I always learn something from Catherine Austin Fitts and love her work on "following the money" for the secret space programs etc. but looking at this video I am bit concerned for her health and I...
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    Re: What happened to the WEBB report?

    he is on Patreon now youtube killed his channel ...again
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    Re: V (1983) Gone But Not Forgotten

    The 2009 version had some of the worst CGI I have ever seen but I did like that the actor from firefly Morena Baccarin was on it.
  10. Re: Moon landing cut scenes - filmed in Nevada desert

    I remain firmly convinced that 3 things happened.

    1. Fake landings were filmed
    2. Actual landings occurred
    3. We had "assistance"

    1. Simply because of the vital propaganda needed to be...
  11. Re: The U.S. Navy Files Patents For What Can Only Be Described As UFO's

    The day the actual inventors take umbrage with their discoveries and intellectual property will be fun.

    WHAT IF "disclosure" ended up as a boring patent dispute filing in court and claims for...
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    Re: Nashville Explosion - the Emerging Story

    Nashville bombing reported a day before it occurred.
  13. Re: Corey Goode Sued By Ex-Lawyer and Business Partner

    I could not listen for more than 30 seconds, his bio turned me off so much that I had to turn him off...

    Cults of personality....the fallout is usually epic.

    Why are we so broken to fall for...
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    Re: 13 GB of survival and preparedness books

    I can cook, but not very well, so I use recipes and over time I improve.
    I can tie shoelaces, and now I can tie a bandage, knots, braids, and soon weaves, baskets and lattices and from there I could...
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    13 GB of survival and preparedness books

    I came across another depository of interesting books and materials on preparedness, survivalist, off grid and independent living materials.

    It was collected under the auspices of a pole shift...
  16. Re: Conditions for Full Alien UFO Disclosure Hijacked? ... ExoPolitics meets ExoPsychology

    Regarding the AI I read an account of a man who purportedly became gravely ill, fell asleep and woke up in the future where he resided for quite some time in a different body ( one that was not ill)...
  17. Re: Major Leak 'exposes' 2 Million Members of the Chinese Communist Party ~ First EVER

    and just to add. We were infiltrated far earlier by Operation Paperclip so I really have no idea what is happening if you add in Hybrids and ET interests.
  18. Re: Major Leak 'exposes' 2 Million Members of the Chinese Communist Party ~ First EVER

    CSIS the Canadian Security Intelligence Service took an unprecedented step of PUBLICLY stating this on TV years ago. No idea what, if anything happened.

    Alas, Canada is known as being extremely...
  19. Re: DISCLOSURE - Gov Agent unveils USA Secret Cryptid Program

    As it relates to Dogman being related to Sasquatch the link is tenuous at best. A "credible" witness who has studied both creatures at length as a ( independent) field researcher came up with a type...
  20. Re: List 3 main survival foods for storing in case of food shortages

    I think Brewer's yeast that is Marmite in Australia and something similar in the UK is Vegemite. They both taste like dirty socks to me...but beloved by many.

    I would just add a few things that...
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